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i like mosh

my intermittent phone connection isn't a problem trying to remote into my box with mosh

Upgrading to Nougat broke Pokémon Go -> Let's Go transfers :blob_cry:

I keep dreaming about writing my own OS to keep my computers simple.

But I'm so dumb to be able to do that.

I caught my first shiny!

It was a Wheezing in the Power Plant. Wasn't even going for catch combos.


# modprobe configs

rolling back to what I *know* works did the trick.

also fyi, the chromeos-exynos5 config doesn't come with AES-XTS support but that's what LUKS will default to. Use --cipher aes-ctr-plain64

god dammit

despite all the progress I made, a new issue has popped up which sets me back far...

USB stick that works:
> Mode Sense: 23 00 00 00

USB stick that doesn't:
> Mode Sense: 43 00 00 00

I think I've solved the mystery of the non-bootable USB chromebook

Expanded my cluster to make some space for serial output wires

The top board doesn't need spacers as it has pinouts on both ends

A lot of my sdcards have errors, so I might need to go diskless...

want to code but can't be bothered to move

* Loading key mappings [us] ...
[ ok ]
/etc/init.d/keymaps: line 22: 1704 Segmentation fault dumpkeys > "$RC_LIBEXECDIR"/console/keymap
* ERROR: keymaps failed to start
* Mounting network filesystems ...
[ ok ]
/etc/init.d/sshd: line 47: /usr/bin/ssh-keygen: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
* ERROR: sshd failed to start

i caught a ton of pokemon on the bus home 🤣

got my parallella's booting again.
although it looks like 3c08 isn't working.
and it's the third in the stack, so everything will need to come off :blobsad:

I must not have played the full story for Pokemon Blue in almost 15 years because the Let's Go story seems pretty new.

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