How hard is it to get a brand new blue left joy-con

We set up the game station at work so I have a new workspace now

I haven't picked up my Switch in a few days...

Oh what? Minecraft Story Mode is on Netflix?!?!

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Yet another very interesting discussion on how the stable Linux kernels are managed.

I love those threads, they show how incredibly hard it is to provide reliable and stable software when everything keeps changing all the time.
(The fix, of course, is to stop changing things all the time, but that's unlikely to happen anytime soon 🙄)

my technical team manager was going through the gender options and asked my what non binary meant. tbf we don't really need that information but someone thought about it

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Rebuilt world.

Backlight fucking works.

KDE powerdevil isn't being started by dbus properly. So I just decided to rebuild empty world and see how that goes...

one particular thing works on my home laptop but not my new work lappy

dbus is badly documented and I have issues with it

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gentoo is actually so easy to install
if you know what you are doing that is
it took me just 3 hours to get that setup

@ayo haven't booked yet but i'll almost definitely see you there!

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