@newt xcom is already on the switch

it's called mario+rabbids: kingdom battle

@paw it turns out my api user to do the resize didn't have permission to detach the block storage and put the server into an error state

instead of going through (the slooooow) support, i deleted and re-created the server but it's gonna take an hour for the ip to change

okay, that reboot of lonely town didn't go as expected...

by a random fluke i found an issue with entropy

okay i have a fix for the issues i had. not gonna keep a server up right now, but it will be up tomorrow

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Hooray! I'm opening up a new Mastodon instance.

For lovers of thigh highs (or anything else really, if you want a pun-full fedi username)


For those looking for lonely town that's gonna be a little longer (maybe tomorrow) as I've had some technical issues very specific to the server I wanted to use.

gah the lonely.town server is completely borked

hmm shouldn't certbot-nginx have a (runtime-)dependency on nginx?


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instead of having it in the US and using the s3 api

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oh mastodon does have openstack swift support.

i could move the server to the ovh uk region

i want a whitelines-style background for mypaint

sway's official git repo is the github one, not a srht one?

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !