urr-ma-gurr i rebooted (some other things were crashing xwayland) and it works now

i installed xwayland again (this time i'll keep it around for a while) to play kerbal but it just crashed the wm

so glad that i play no man's sky with external save game backups.

freighter wiped out all of my copper >.>

hey google
how do i sustainably make a new distro

using gpg-agent and pinentry is a mess heap 

okay, sound was broken for a different reason, but what i discovered relates to iommu=no-igfx which means i have to raise a bug

🤔 pulseaudio doesn't want to work when running under xen...

swayidle (and I) needs to figure out how to respect power management blockers

so i enabled google advanced protection but it doesn't work with offlineimap so i elected to disable it again

it's a shame uselessd failed. would've liked to have that alternative

TIL how to make hdmi audio the default with pulse's cli

way to much wayland 

more wayland 

this has revealed installation problems with using tarballs...

why does pam give unix_chkpwd cap_dac_override when it should only need cap_dac_read_search...

TIL my laptop has a 3rd magnet in the screen

another £200 pixel slate discount 🤔

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