i imagine the next time those laptops are gonna be on sale is going to be black friday/cyber monday

i'll wait but impatiently

@embr you can just get one when you're there...

what a future we live in

> internet goes down
> can't turn lights on in room with router

@ky0ko i think there were some fixes in sway 1.2, if you're not bleeding edge

aaaahhhhh why couldn't google just make a 10nm pixel slate 😫

dilemma: do i care about you enough to keep your gpg key up to date 

@newt i misspoke. i was using a virtualenv in pipenv.

uh is python virtualenvs on nixos broken again

spending the day writing my 'Care and Operation of @applehq' document so i can attach it to my CV

i think I'll leave social media for November

i think my certified openstack administrator certification has expired now

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