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Add me, if you want.
I- It's not like I want to be friends... :blobcheeky:

should i self-host this mastodon instance? i have a 8GB ram, 500gb ssd computer spare for some 24/7 running...

pretty much everything's sorted now and i can enjoy using my laptop :blobfoxsignyip:

i haven't done anything about finding a new instance yet
laptop comes first

laptop news 

wiped clearlinux and put gentoo but there's so many issues i can't keep up

although my laptop needs a dongle to plug it into the wired network, i still have to wait until those patches arrive in stable and then get released is cool and all but the only distro that boots successfully (mostly due to not having the lpss crash) is flatcar

i downloaded LINE lite and was just about to start using it

but then i just remembered that i also have keybase chat, and i just reinstalled an xmpp client (conversations is 100% discount in play store rn)

ugh i need a let's go eevee cartridge for a hot second but dont necessary want to pay £50 just to download it

also ice lake doesn't have igvt support

new laptop update: 

so i think i figured out why i can't install pass with wayland support...

that commit hasn't trickled down into the channel

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