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Add me, if you want.
I- It's not like I want to be friends... :blobcheeky:

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eep i need to make changes to my gpg key

why do mobile apps waste my disk space with ad loading code

i really dislike how debian seems to be the favourite posterchild of linux distros.

so... that chromeOS private browsing crash still isn't fixed in v72 :blobsad:

i still haven't figured out what environment variable firefox needs for the proper touchscreen ui

if i knew how to use sway i would switch to it but otherwise i'm thinking of converting back to dwm

why do people keep bothering me even though I'm wearing headphones

A wonderful was had. A brilliant idea for discourse and has given me things to think about and do... maybe for next year

Belgium's free TV isn't showing the Superbowl😭😱

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@applehq Yup, was nice meeting in person, after all these years.

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Wait did "nini" mean "night-night" this entire time

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !