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Add me, if you want.
I- It's not like I want to be friends... :blobcheeky:

okay, that reboot of lonely town didn't go as expected...

by a random fluke i found an issue with entropy

okay i have a fix for the issues i had. not gonna keep a server up right now, but it will be up tomorrow

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Hooray! I'm opening up a new Mastodon instance.

For lovers of thigh highs (or anything else really, if you want a pun-full fedi username)

For those looking for lonely town that's gonna be a little longer (maybe tomorrow) as I've had some technical issues very specific to the server I wanted to use.

gah the server is completely borked

hmm shouldn't certbot-nginx have a (runtime-)dependency on nginx?


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instead of having it in the US and using the s3 api

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oh mastodon does have openstack swift support.

i could move the server to the ovh uk region

i want a whitelines-style background for mypaint

sway's official git repo is the github one, not a srht one?

haven't bought tickets yet but looks like i'll be going to <s>fosdem</s> niucon

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !