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Add me, if you want.
I- It's not like I want to be friends... :blobcheeky:

nfl tomoz! going to the 'early' game

yikes [ssl] 

"systemd-timesyncd will no longer work if system.stateVersion is not set correctly. When upgrading from NixOS 19.03, please make sure that system.stateVersion is set to "19.03""


oh ya my server is going in for repair

been a month of downtime

- detachable tablet and keyboard
- intel 10nm cpu
- USI stylus
- fingerprint reader
- <12"

all. i. ask.

why is no-one making intel 10nm tablets

bought tickets for the local NFL game next week.

don't have to travel far at all 🤪

send me instructions in a pdf and i will hit you

how do i turn on firefox pdf.js previews

why don't initrds have power management support so that if i close the laptop it turns off

ye wl-copy isnt copying into the clipboard, but is working for primary...

maybe wl-clipboard/wl-copy is just broken...

nixos added the pass wayland clipboard support but it still doesn't work...

i could do with the retail therapy but i dont think I'll buy a laptop tonight

pixel slate is on sale [thoughts] 

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