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btw: smol renaming!
"Onahole Review" is now "" 😉

@AkaiHebi Random, but since I read about groceries: have you tried to substitute meals for shakes? I've recently discovered them from a spanish youtuber. The brand is Jimmyjoy, check their site (they also opened a few weeks ago a distributor here in Spain). The idea is a meal that takes like 1/2 minutes to make without the need to go shopping or cooking. I started trying them a few weeks ago, but they didn't quite convince me since I didn't get enough saturation, but they mite work for you :P


@AkaiHebi I've been thinking it too. I invested in ETC when it was 9.XX€ or something like that, I will probably invest soon a bigger amount, the price is crazy low. BTC is now 3.7XX€, but I've seen it at 3.4XX€, so might wait a little.

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Onahole Review is launching a giveaway campaign for one ONDO NUPU onahole, provided by Motsutoys.

To get your chance of winning it, all you have to do is post a comment before 01 December 😉


@Technowix I loved this anime since episode 1, regarding ecchi fanservice it is perfectly executed, it's so good >w<! Shera best waifu <3!

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Friend @anonymousd published a review of the Smooth & Flat Girl’s Laboratory Purutoro Soft onahole. Lolicons should check it out 😉


@AkaiHebi that's alirght but I better not see hand-holding... that shit's sick!!

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Are you an artist drawing mainly in manga/anime style with digital tools, and you are not grossed out by the thought of having your commissioned creations displayed on a 🔞 blog covering essentially Japanese male sex toys (aka "onaholes")?

Message me 😉

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