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Are you an artist drawing mainly in manga/anime style with digital tools, and you are not grossed out by the thought of having your commissioned creations displayed on a 🔞 blog covering essentially Japanese male sex toys (aka "onaholes")?

Message me 😉

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@NekoiNemo I tried to hook it up the "normal way", but it broke, so I had to find a way around. Not pretty, but it works :P

New waifu joins my bed as a pillow! <3

A new figure joins my collection 😍 !

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !
We are a moderated instance, that aren't supporting harassment nor hateful speech, so what sets us apart? Well, unlike many instances like us, we won't prevent you to interact with instances that aren't respecting our rules.
The main language used here is English, but for most of us this isn't our main language, so it's a great place to learn!

Topics you might find here

Here, we are open to any subjects, but the main ones are:
Fictions / Animes / Mangas / Comics
Gaming / e-Sport / Retro / Speedrun
Programming / Security / IT stuffs
Sometime politics / World events
Pictures and story from around the world <3