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@lunchgirl I got tired of paying $10/mo to host Especially since I hadn't used it in like, five months or more. At least if I become inactive here again I won't be paying for it :blobshrug:

@anw Hm, does mastodon not use a standard regex?

I tested it on instead of the ruby one at

@avshyz @gcupc Personally I like deterministic build processes. If I make a Docker image today, I want it to work in a week, in a month with no changes.

I also try to remove tool dependencies—npm is another thing I would have to rely on, and I don’t trust it at all after 5.7.1. :blobshrug:

@avshyz @gcupc yea, those are good compromise solutions. However they don’t solve the problem of depending on the internet/npm working.

Do you remember npm 5.7.1? That hilarious update managed to destroy several production servers to the point of having to make a new one.

@avshyz @gcupc the real answer is, it depends. On your philosophy and what your goals are.

Not checking in node_modules means your deployment process is non-deterministic. You’re at the whim of someone not pushing a breaking change to a lib.

@kurisu I mean yea I just don’t want another service to maintain basically. I’m probably gonna get a dedi at some point soon though

@kurisu yeh I thought about hosting an instance but the local timeline would be a wasteland and then I’d actually have to maintain it. Maybe in the future :blobshrug:

@rx14 Is there a reason you went with Pleroma over Mastodon? Thankfully is like a breath of fresh air. Functional programming + better quality libs. I'm just using to host the finished files.

@Wraptile Yep. PUBG/LoL/Overwatch were huge in most pc bangs. I only went to one pc bang that actually had TF2 available.

Busan is a big city but I think it's reasonable enough. Korea in general is a lot cheaper when it comes to food/eating out. Fresh fruits were more expensive though, compared to the US.

@circsarlatan Well, I started picking up Clojure for a few months. I really like it, but the errors you get are a nightmare to debug. So I just went back to Crystal. :blobshrug:

I want to learn at some point... I even have the book.

@circsarlatan Yeah, Rails has a nasty problem of "Magic" things like ActiveRecord, etc, doing a lot of stuff under the hood.

What helped is watching a RailsConf talk about how things like ActiveRecord, etc, really work. After that it's not so bad, although I think Rails is overkill for a lot of applications. Sinatra + a basic ORM is pretty sufficient, but I digress.

I've looked at Phoenix/Elm/Elixir, and they look promising. Coming from Clojure I really like languages that make FP first class.

@circsarlatan To clarify, I started out with Ruby (and Rails). So I'm gonna be biased but I think Ruby's style of syntax is really nice. I dislike Python's style.

Crystal has *almost* the same syntax but it's 1) safe, 2) compiled and 3) fast. Handling threads is nice as well, it uses CSP similar to Go. Crystal just gets a lot less press than .

Crystal's API documentation is phenomenal:

So in general it's really pleasant to work with, fast, and not so verbose.

@circsarlatan I like Crystal for personal projects only atm. It hasn’t reached version 1 yet, and frameworks like Amber aren’t mature and tested yet.

Amaranth is my main project atm, which uses Crystal for the backend (Lexing / Parsing, Plugin Handling, a nice command DSL):

I like it because it’s a statically compiled, strongly typed language so it makes me think hard about my data and structuring. And it has elegant syntax like Ruby. CityBound Sim has been in progress for a few years now.

It originally was written in JavaScript, but Anselm killed that pretty early on and went to Rust instead. :rust:

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