So I suppose I should create an . I'm from and I work a lot with and . I primarily use , but I like , , , and . I run and , with /#nvim. I'm studying () and in general. I collect records and play games like , , and . I live in but I want to return to , permanently, or at least for a long time.

Welcome aboard! I've heard pubg is huge in Korea but tf2 and Dota is very much dead.
I've heard Busan is great place though a bit pricey.


@Wraptile Yep. PUBG/LoL/Overwatch were huge in most pc bangs. I only went to one pc bang that actually had TF2 available.

Busan is a big city but I think it's reasonable enough. Korea in general is a lot cheaper when it comes to food/eating out. Fresh fruits were more expensive though, compared to the US.

@andrewzah I was planning on staying in Busan for few months but it's quite a bit more expensive than SEA, like Thailand or Vietnam and without great weather or beaches :)
Nevertheless it's still on my bucket list, thanks for some input!

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