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alli โœจ ๐Ÿ’€

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kat: my friend always referred to herself as the "slutty mom".
me: what's MY thing
kat: soft child

perfect place to snuggle, i might add.

picture this: me in a pretty princess dress that's sheer and adorable in a cute castle that's pink and vintage
you walk in, eyeing me all asleep in my cute little bed
and smooch me

i want a princess style and a princess room with lots and lots of kissing

i found my favorite highlighter in a silly tin box so im happy

@alli when a cutie walks in with a squishy wishy face and arms out ready to embrace you get HUGGED!


kitties go 'meoooooow!!!!!' and it makes my heart happy

alli is best girl??? (not clickbait)

Everyone asks "who is best girl". But no one asks "how is best girl".