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@aitbg I've found it similar with infosec things, I've taken a long break from CTFs, unlike during my programmer times. But that's fine, I'm doing recreational programming instead of hacking now.

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It's hard to do any programming outside of work when work just drains so much out of you ):

I just want to make retro ps1/2 stylized video games v-v

Organ music is so nice, listening to it while I work

When you love in the U.S so you have to spend $100 to get your ear infection fixed, after your insurance covers half v-v goodbye money

I've started learning Dutch in my free time and every time I get to a 'G' my brain has a run time error. Im able to pronounce it on its own, but incorporating that sound into speech is difficult v-v

I kept having spooky shark dreams last night v-v

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the only pages that weren't archived are the ones you desperately need

So I'm trying to start learning Latin and Dutch, and when I learned Latin doesn't have a word for 'the' I lost my mind. But I got to thinking, maybe 'the' is just the language version of bloatware

I know it might be messed up to say this since it was caused by the coronavirus, but I've really enjoyed working from home ^^ I save money on gas, I can snack when I want wear comfy clothes, go for a walk during lunch, and still get my work done

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I recently found out that I can open up twist off beer bottles with my belly button if I try hard enough, what had everyone else been up to in my absence?

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a failed soundcloud rapper becoming a warlord in Seattle sounds like a onion headline but it's real

why is America like this? I blame the chemicals in their food
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Last month was the most profitable month in my company's history, they're still going to drag is back in, in about a month though, lmaoo so stupid

I've gotten a lot better at the trill part of the trilled R, however I'm not yet able to vocalize it. I can't figure out how I get that R find a simultaneously make my tongue go flappy :ablobthinking:

I have an ear infection ): I have to take antibiotics for the next 10 days lol

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