@proxeus@iscute.moe Thankies~

(colorschemes go into ~/.local/share/konsole for those wondering)

@proxeus@iscute.moe I need more purple in my life too.

@proxeus@iscute.moe Try .tar.zst (zstd)

@proxeus@iscute.moe And remember - when in doubt, repeat this chant:

Eris pads her chest.

The only universal justice in this world is cuteness!

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@proxeus@iscute.moe youtube.com/watch?v=r7tf4JASzl

Don't delay, charge without using power today~

@Ocean22 more like:
GNU/Linux: does it pull in half a dozen gnome libs, flatpak, systemd and docker


Linux's menuconfig is so useful~
This is one thing build systems miss: What if I want to have a whole bunch of compile options, preferably structured in some way, and preferably with explanations on what they do.
With cmake, ccmake/cmake-gui fail because you get the entire cache dumped on you, and noise from find_packages on top.
And meson fails because while I appreciate meson configure wall-o-text, I have to continuously look up what the thing I wanted to change is while retyping.

@proxeus@iscute.moe #!/usr/bin/env bash
for i in {1..100}; do echo "You're cute~"; done

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C question 

@frozentriangle To use a library you need to link it against your program. The header file only tells your program "There's functions with xyz signature"; after compiling, the binary needs to be linked against the implementation of those functions:
gcc -lncursesw -o output main.c
(-lncursesw comes from pkg-config --libs ncurses)
You also need libncurses5-dev too (check the pkg description).

Something like cmake can take care of the entire build process: cmake.org/cmake-tutorial/

C question 

@frozentriangle See
pkg-config --libs ncurses
pkg-config --cflags ncurses
cat $(pkg-config --path ncurses)

As for what header to use, both curses.h and ncurses.h seem to be the same for me, so anything goes. I'm guessing curses.h exists for compatibility reasons.

What do you mean by, I have no clue how to include external libraries?

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