little update time, don't be afraid of short downtimes !

Update time, short downtimes to expect starting of now :3

closed registrations for a bit (approval only, so I can control it when ai have a few minutes free, typically in the mid-day heatwave)

Please take a look to your dm or stuff, we have a "wave of spam bot posting pr0n and stuff" in DMs, so report them asap please


currently backing up niu before a short update, don't be afraid of quick downtimes :3

So uh, it seem that recent version of Mastodon are quite cutting the compatibility with the old OStatus protocol, and since I'm quite running on edge commits I missed it and I quite merged it a bit fast ahah...

So, if you had friends that where running a very old OStatus-only server, you might want to poke them about moving to a newer server software (Pleroma and now Mastodon is quite similar to Gnusocial UI-wise, and features are close to be almost the same)

Sorry for breaking compat so abruptly, but I can't really revert back to it !

Oof, we are alive, sorry for theses long minutes without timelines, got saved by @Thib

This was a cache issue :blobsweats:

gonna upgrade niu to newer code, expect little downtimes ~

the server got a bit overloaded so I uh hard restarted it

It work now :blobcatblep:

server seem to have a sudden spike of work and somehow halted, restarted it and we are back again ~

Woops, took longer than expected, but we are back, and nothing very new... for now ~

Little updates during the next hour, shorts downtimes to expect ! :ablobowo: modération, pls read u bakas, it's not like I like you or anything... 

Another tiny update, for 2.9.2 this time !

Very short downtimes again !

currently building the 2.9.1, and doing the pre-update backup as usual

Very short downtimes soon™️ :3

Welp did it, yall noticed ? NO YOU DIDN'T

update soon, friends

Don't be afraid if we go down for a few seconds !

Well @Gargron provided a tiny fix for the "custom.css" login and it seem to be fixed now, yall can login normally !

Now I need to re-put the bigg character limit that I forgot to put back uhuh

Prepare for a second "a few sec" downtime, nor warning again because who need it

There is some issues right now on the server, as you might have seen when logging in you see the custom.css page instead of the "normal" webui, going to should fix it after you logged in

I'm also, right now, updating niu's Docker image to latest version causing the server to miss some beat, and sometime throwing at you 5XX errors, hopefully it will fix it.

Sowwy for dis ~~ don't hit me too hard :blobsweats:

Sorry for this unexpected downtime, thought I would have done it in less than a second but uguu

New round of corrections and tweak for the relifiting of rules and about page, please report typos !

Big thanks to @Bitshift and @ashley who helped me doing stuff more readable and less typo filled !


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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !