Updates done, refresh webpage for fixes and improvements :3

Little updates, downtimes to expect in the next minutes !

I will remove all custom emojis right now, progressively adding some back.

Brace for some time without BUNS and BLOBS 😅

Gonna swap media backend, you might have missing media for some time (days ?) until everything catch up, but 580GB out of 600 is already copied into the new backend

Since it's really hard for a copy program to follow the constant flow of new media, it's better to stop it right now and let it copy the remaining stuff while it's not moving, and the new media will be uploaded to the new backend.

The only issue so far is that deletion of media you posted before this post might not be took into account, since it will be copied back, please notify me if you see something that should be deleted and that... isn't :3

(short downtimes expected)

Cheer !

update done, media datacenter maybe later this evening o? (fr time)

Refresh your webclient !

little update, soon I will switch the media backend on an EU datacenter that would speedup a bit media loading :3

the server is currently catching up with everything that happened in 1h, so if stuff is quite out of sync for some time don't worry

Holy mother of cpu silicon

We back, after 1h of downtime, I will take time to stabilize niu in the future I hope, stuff is safe but instability is quite annoying

Sorry ~

Little update, as usual, little downtime to expect in the following minutes !

Didn't know DB was going to be locked, the time stopped for a while :blobsweat:

Pardonnez-mooooooi 🙇

Shhh, niu, update in progress, some downtimes will happen :333

little update time, don't be afraid of short downtimes !

Update time, short downtimes to expect starting of now :3

📢 ⚠️
An issue with our attachments storage provider, it not on hands and we only have to wait until they fix it for uploading medias again.
Sorry :blob_cry:


Everything should be okay now, end of the maintenance

Some updates are incoming, don't be afraid if there is short downtimes in the next few minutes.


Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !