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@acgh @acgh Feel free to follow one or both, I'll be more active on for the next few weeks until I get the party club up and running

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introduce "growing a beard just cuz" to robots

i seem like i am happy, i seem like I've grown up

death stranding music literally puts me to sleep in the best way. low roar ftw

i still argue relapse by Eminem is a top 20 album of 2000s culture

too much music released today. I had things to do today. welp
Mac Miller
070 Shake
all in one day

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me: *do whatever*
gf: "good girl"

still gets me everytime and I blush /////

best part of having 5 year old spotify playlists is that I have jay-z songs added that were just re added

Globes and maps I see surround you here
Why won't you believe me?
Globes and maps they charter your way back home
Do you wanna leave or somethin?

i think that "don't be so serious" by low roar being stuck in my head is directly related to how much I enjoy death stranding

shit don't change until you wash your ass

- institutionalized "Kendrick Lamar"

its been a long time since i've lost myself in a ps4 game quite like death stranding. Somehow the "Story" got to me. And yet I'm still just a delivery pigeon.

Which is cool with me

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starting down my path of bakemonogatari

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