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Hi, fediverse!

I'm currently studying . My interests include , especially , and . I also work with .

Outside of academics, I do a lot of sports. Mainly , , and .

In my off-time, I sometimes watch and read .

If you haven't noticed it yet, I have been posting pretty much exclusively over at @abs for a while now. I'm gonna move over there fully now, so please follow me there if you want to keep up with my stuff.


#reintroductions coz why not:
hi i'm into #programming , trying to learn (more of) #idris rn, I used to do a lot of #blender #3d stuff, some 2d art but nothing worth uploading, i watch a bunch of #animation (when i can) aaand sometimes i run.
also interested in #teaching and how it relates to the #hacking mindset.
oh and i like #plan9 (the operating system) and learning about weird systems and languages and stuff

aand i use it/its pronouns.


He also seems to ignore dependent types in many of his later points of what types can't express, but I guess he just doesn't know about them? He doesn't seem too well versed in PLT.

I watched Maybe Not* this morning and I'm not sure what to make of it.

Some of the points (union types vs sum types) were really good, but a lot of stuff was at least badly put as well.

As I see it, he rags in type systems for a while and then contrasts that with contracts (without calling them that) and just conveniently ignores that the guarantees between them are wildly different. That seems somewhat underhanded tbh.

*: Maybe Not - Rich Hickey -

I really didn't do much today. In the end, I just banged my head on a bunch of proofs and automated a few annoying bits. Tomorrow I will work on making my logic actually sound (whoops! :blobderpy:) and then move onto something else.

When people say AoC I keep thinking they're talking about some major advancement that made Choice an inconsistent axiom

I'm very frustrated with how much of a pain equivalences are in Coq. You can pretty much forget about concise proofs if those are involved.

Ah! Adjoint functors are like burritos, except your friend also has a burrito, and theirs doesn't have any hot sauce but yours doesn't have any beans

Anyone else planning on doing Advent of Code? I just looked at the first exercise and it seems easy enough, but I'm not sure if I want to login with my github there.

I guess I'll decide after I'm done with the exam. I definetly won't do the exercises for speed, just casually to get back into writing code.

"Move fast and break things" is a race to the bottom.

"Move slow and fix things" is a stroll to the top. We're having a picnic. It's celebrated in fable!

The tutorial today ended up being just me and one student. The student was incredibly curious and bright so it was a lot of fun nonetheless. Honesty, I'd rather have one curious and excited student than a handful of disinterested ones.

I will also have to prepare the talk/tutorial on the untyped lambda calculus for tomorrow. I still haven't gotten to that. :blobdead:

I'm probably gonna write mails to the masters programmes I'm interested in to ask them to what extend I can gain research experience there. That's not rude, right? :blobsurprised:

I'm one of those shady internet people your mother warned you about, but instead of trying to get you to send nudes, I'm gonna try and convince you to program in Haskell

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