Running pretty well on my 1070, but in half resolution(840x525).

Seeking for a way to integrate this renderer to .

HeY G0rD0n!
CaTCh Me LaTEr I'lL bUy ya BEEER

software renderer. :)

А, стоп. Эльбрус же российский!

Тогда вот так:
на быть! Скорее всего. :)

is got modular renderer by me and @mittorn and now getting software renderer by @mittorn

Playing with . :)
It's really simple thing! I wrote a script, which recreates AppImage every commit for less than an hour!

And really nothing was required for target, except AppImage itself. ;)

Experimenting in adding support in engine.

Now only FBO and sending rendered texture to VR headset is working.