Now I will post my playthroughs and any other videos as well to instead of .
Thanks to for service!

If someone said me in my childhood, that I would play this song in videogame while dancing it, I would not believe. I even didn't knew what videogames is! Such nostalgia!

got an update with new free official track and some fixes. Mods are obviously broken again.

Those brainless blame game developers about broken community mods.

I'm not surprised anymore but... why?

goes to in May...

Looks I know why I need to save money again. Having a 6DoF standalone VR headset with my most favorite game sounds like a dream. And if someone actually will root it(yes, Quest uses Android AFAIK) to make custom songs possible...

LOL. Controller disconnected while I wanted to test CustomAvatar. I set batteries charging and played with one saber.

Why did I not noticed this mode before? :)

Re-watched my old runs. I thought that WAS hard? It's just... boring!
Oh. :( - Expert - Expert+

I should always capture with lighting and debris enabled. Yep, Expert+ was harder, but not so enjoyable to watch, as my Expert run.

Maybe also configure CameraPlus for not so aggressive movement and rotation smoothing.

Just finished uploading some videos to my youtube channel. Even one FC run ;)

inb4 no one cares.

Bought a yesterday(Lenovo Explorer). is funny.

Which game can you recommend? Besides and .