Visual novel doesn't have an android port? But you want to play it while laying in your bed?

Pffft. Just stream it. VNs are ideal for streaming, since delta between frames is really small. You can set best video quality and still have low latency.

But I recommend to disable audio and connect headphones to PC. Audio artifacts hurt more than visual artifacts.

Device tree overlays are awesome to imitate plug-and-play and provide same build for "slightly" different hardware. :)

Making my own app build system on the top of .

sucks. They even don't have a decent build system. slow and in dead groovy. is dead and XML.

Just remembered about my fork, without + dependency, on instead of deprecated SDL1.2 and extended support.

I should finish it and finally publish the sources... ._.

So rebuilding P on stock 2600X, typical SATA SSD and overclocked to 3200Mhz RAM cost me 1 hour and 27 minutes.


If you want to move sources from one PC to another:
1. Let's say both computers use same OS(Ubuntu 18.10 in my case)
2. Move .repo folder from PC1 to PC2 preserving symlinks.
3. If needed, change permissions.
4. Run
repo sync -l -j12
5. Run
repo sync -j12

The trick is in latest two commands. At first you syncing only using LOCAL data and then only just fetching updates. If you will skip stage 4, stupid will RE-DOWNLOAD everything from servers.

Which Mastodon clients are best for:
* Sailfish OS;
* Android;
* Just desktop OS(Linux/Win), except web?