In #KDEApps1904, Kdenlive gets most of its internal code re-written and new features that will help you unleash your video-editing creativity. Check out the teaser for next week's release.

@kde will rendering performance be increased? On Ryzen 2600X a 5 minute video may render for half an hour. :(

@a1batross @kde
Have you tried #OliveNLA?
I've recently switched to it from Kdenlive. However - I hope Kdenlive will step up it's game. It's hard though though when there's thread-unsafe effects in the ppelinie - forcing single-thread rendering. I'm not sure how they can work this around.

@unfa @kde nope, never. I need only primitive editing, so I probably never used even a 1/5 of kdenlive features.

But rendering is really slow. :(

@a1batross @kde Than Olive might serve you well. It's still in early stages, but it's ultrafast and surprisingly stable for alpha software. Actually it crashes less than Kdenlive from my experience. The key factor is - Olive does all compositing and image manipulation via GLSL - which is nearly real-time fast in most cases. I was absolutely shocked when I tired it out.

@a1batross @kde that should be depending on how far MLT has improved in efficient multithreadding.

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