LFS is for Linux forever sucks.

Жалуетесь на почерк наших врачей?

Попробуйте почитать, что пишут китайские:

// balancer.ru/g/p6754785

The C committee released a new working paper on the latest upcoming C standard revision, called "C2x".

One of the proposals is removing K&R function declarations and definitions. This shall be interesting 😉

More on #C2x here: gustedt.wordpress.com/2018/11/

You have been visited by the comfy turtle of good naps.

Photos of me with some of Van Canto members. I know, XRN4X have a very bad front camera, but it's fucking cool. Say me 6 years ago, that I will hear them IRL, I wouldn't believe.

Rakka-takka, motherfuckers!

Don't understand why EVERY browser thinks that if I want to "lock" tab, then I don't want to read it's title and see only icon.

Jeez, I'm tired from all that Modern Web shittiness. Every piece of software that somehow related to Web technologies sucks.

Finally set a profile pic.

Now I am just YaGAA: Yet Another Guy with Anime Avatar.

Prime doesn't work on my device.

On fucking device with 4 GB ROM and eight core Snapdragon 635 with Android 8.1!

Maybe it''s just because I use LineageOS, but... well Ingress is dead then.

Prime is out.
First impressions:
* Globe at start is working on ~15-30 FPS.
* Doesn't automatically asked for location.
* Now can't login, seems servers are down.

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