Наконец-то появилась эта замечательная инициатива, цель которой - прекратить порочную практику с натягиванием системной униформы на приложнея.


Pixelfed Direct - Conversational Direct Messages with a lot of potential. #shippingSoon #pixelfed #direct

A question for devs. Disclaimer: I don't know iOS development at all, but eventually I remember that iOS is supported too. :)

Some my readers know, that I have written a plugin to build system, which interacts with Java support already present in Waf, builds resources, classes.dex and APK finally.

But how THIS should be done for iOS? Is there any command line utils, that will step-by-step build an IPA?

Woah. I actually had an account on birdsite, but I completely forgot about that.

Somehow a browser cookie has survived! Now my profile points here. :)

If you're UI designer, I have a real advice for you.

Foreground and background must be really in contrast. Don't be ashamed to use BLACK background and WHITE text. No need in these "gayish greyish" colors.

Your poor vision guy.

@a1batross So those art the Vietnamese mascots, the original tans are Ryfa and Zenka, and quite similar

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