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Tonight I dreamed about Tetris and puyo I think I playing too much

Kitty is playing with my hotas.
She maybe want to be a space kitty

Oh yeah I improved a lot just because I was litterally a newbie to both games so it was not that hard

Installed puyo puyo VS on PC and bought puyo puyo tetris on switch.
The only thing I hate about the last one is that the game is in english, so I can't have the japanese voices :/

Anyway I improved quite a lot today, on tetris and puyo. I may try to play tetris 99 at some point

Okay I'm starting to play a bit better at Puyo Puyo (yes I don't like tetris :mpf: )

she's pretty much like me in that point

We tried to put kitty on our... balcony ?
She was so scared of the outside that she ran and hide for 20 minutes :blobderpy:

Toot* pls phone don't make this harder

I'm feeling really weird today.
For a very long time I was feeling really stressed by the fact that I was kind of a leecher that live with the help of the state and was doing nothing.
Now that I know I will work soon I wanna enjoy a bit but I can't help still feel guilty not doing anything useful D:

Kitty tried to climb on my chair to get on my leg. But she jumped from the floor with all claw out.
I had to get mad at her

It's still a bit of a pain to catch her when she's not laying on my couch

Kitty is so nice. She's letting me carry her now. No claw, no bite, no struggle :blobmelt:

Good morning!
Too lazy to get out of bed yet :blurbsleep: :morning:

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Time for me to sleep. It's still pretty early but the last few days were very tiring and I did not sleep that much last night.
I'll take a full bite on my last week of non employement, doing what I can and enjoy it to its full before starting to work :blobpeek:

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