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Is anyone here like Madoka Magicka ? :blobcatowoevil:

Image : can spoil some part of it

I found a candy with mint in it. Now my water is even colder :blobmelt:
it feels nice


Everything is kinda solved. I'm back to my normal state.
Still have a huge headache, but I'll endure it

Okay so there is a minor issue at work. The responsible for this kind of stuff is coming back Monday. It's supposed to be really minor and it can wait for some times. But the big boss's wife is giving me an hour to solve it.

Well shit ? I Don't even know what they are talking about, don't joke with me I'm already having issues with all the stuff I have to work on

28°C all this night, mosquito fest...

playing with kitty. She's not even trying to scratch me now

I think i've eaten something not good.
There is a lot happening in my tummy right now

Ok enough of feredated timeline for today.
The suya spam was fun, but too much messages for my little brain

Can't see any suya, does Kitsune got blocked or something ? Idk how it's working

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