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Come to niu! We have
Cute people
Cool mods and admin
A place for you

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I'm at my destination in one piece

The signal is weak here. See you soon when I'm at my destination

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Collapsed Mastodon updated to 0.8.2.

- FIX: Do not close the composer if we pressed Esc to close a media preview.
- FIX: When the composer is hidden but still contains data we should wait for the overwrite nag.

Kitty just destroy my USB C Cable that was charging my phone.
I'm kinda in bad mood

Just read the beginning of a manga where a grandma get the power of a magical girl to fight evil.

This is pretty interesting tbh

I'm gonna sleep.
Tomorrow afternoon I'll be going in the alps. Expect some pictures for this week end!

I'm always impressed how long her mustache are

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Well I think I will choose ghost, thanks for all your suggestions.

Now I need to embed events/calendars, in a easy way, but having a separated website isn't a big issue.
Self hosting is really something I care about.

And no, I don't want to host calendars or stuff like that, I just want an easy to look at calendar "widget" where (when identified) people can add event to it, like "birthday of Patrick".

Boost appreciated (since the first post is kinda obscure)

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Fedi, I'm seeking a blog system that isn't WordPress, store its stuff in markdown files, and is really easy for newbs

I also need to embed an easily editable calendar of events, self hosted.

Ty, boost appreciated.

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