@izaya btw. do you still claim that this show isn't Yuri?

@izaya it's cause it has... bumps... and you're below the lowest one I guess.

@izaya is flat rate tax more fair than progressive tax?

> and flat is justice

I'll let the tax office know.

@izaya wh...what are they gonna be doing on the bed?

- no -f option - how do you handle archive on stdin/stdout
- no -O for extracting to stdout

otherwise, looks good

@steph @wolf480pl ok 15m not 25m.
And tbh a current loop would still be better for that.

@ben well ok, things like ubuntu installer that are GUIs and are made with unexperienced users in mind probably have a lot of such features.

And if you look around, you'll probably even find ones which behave like windows or worse - I've heard a few stories about GNOME 3 being like "sorry Dave, can't let you do that". The only one I can remember right now is that if an application uses gtk3 with default keybindings editor, it's impossible to bind ctrl+tab to anything, because "gnome UX guidelines" say ctrl+tab must be bound to <something-hardcoded> whether the user likes it or not.

But underneeth, there's this mountain of wonderful commandline tools that just trust you and do exactly as you tell them, without trying to guess what you "really meant".

@ben from my experience, linux says "okay, I trust you know what you're doing" and does exactly what you asked for.

@sir I sometimes develop on master, then when I need to put that aside nad add a quick fix to a known-good codebase, I do

git checkout -b $feature
git stash
git checkout master
git reset --hard origin/master

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