@neijatolf @climagic yeah, I know about that one. But sometimes you forgot to set a label when mkfs-ing, and you want to add it afterwards, in which case tune2fs or e2label come handy for ext2/3/4.

@kitsune @MatejLach
Name one distro with runit and 5 years of security updates on a stable (as in: no new features) LTS release.

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Finding the shortest still comfortably fitting cables & wires for all devices is my new hobby.

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@kitsune @MatejLach
Me on prod :/

I mean, systemd sucks, but in practice, it sucks way less than sysvinit or upstart.

Lol, initially I read this as:

How do you spot someone who doesn't know much about systemd?

When they write (the code of) systemd.

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@pettter @ellied
IOW, the intent was cool, but the implementation sucks.

tune2fs -L 2018backups /dev/sdc1 # does the same thing I think?

@clacke @aral
Isn't that just the infix order?

I had it at university on 1st semester of CompSci, but now that I think of it... it may be not obvious to other people...

@fribbledom I'm so glad I have photos of all the the pipes and wires on my walls before they were covered with plaster.

@rysiek IMO the building would look cool if it wasn't for the ads.

@rysiek looks cool IMO.
I mean, I know it's smog and smog sucks, but together with that building's light, it looks cool.

@wowaname @dek
Well yeah, it's like...
He posts an opinion on fedi.

You know he can have strong reasonable arguments behind his opinions, because he often presents them on his blog.

You hope for an interesting discussion.

And then you get an argument like "I like Go". Or "Your face looks funny".

Disappointing AF.

If you use my friend as an easy vent target / punching bag, then fuck you.

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