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Should compression techniques be patentable?
They aren't even software, they're math.

@Shamar @glaurungo @ffeth

There's no one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why the term "intellectual property" is misleading and should be avoided.

@Shamar @glaurungo @ffeth
>Among immaterial artifacts are personal data.

Which is exactly why each type of immaterial artifact deserves different treatment.

Personal data should be treated differently from databases not containing personal data,
which should be treated differently from creative works,
which should be treated differently from inventions, which should be treated differently from trademarks.

Also consider Matt.
Matt went to a 4-year tech school instead of going to high school.
Go to oil & gas tech school, he said. There will be shale gas, they said. So he went.

The state paid for his school, like it pays for every public school, so he had no debt.

He finished the school at the same time as Mark. But he couldn't do what he learned for a living. Because the shale gas thing got canceled.
Now he paints chairs at a chair factory, like half of his family and friends.

@glaurungo is it more fun by accident than on purpose?

@glaurungo still, I think it's stupid to make it harder for root on the ldap server to access the ldap server.
It's like...
If I'm root, I can can ptrace the ldap server and modify its RAM as I please. Or I can modify any of its files. The only thing ldapi:/// changes is that it's easier not to break something by accident.

It stopped accepting request over unix socket because they're unencrypted?
Lol, that's ridiculous.

In that case, I'd stop the server, edit /etc/ldap/slapd.d/cn=config/oldDatabase={0}config.ldif by hand to regain access, and then restart the server.

I wonder if @climagic is interested in this kinda stuff.
Seems very niche though.

sudo ldapwhoami -H ldapi:/// -Y external

This is how you login as the root of the cn=config database in OpenLDAP, which is where you can change the ldap server configuration (yeah, ldap configuration is stored in ldap, funny isn't it?).

ldapwhoami only tests the authentication, you can ofc replace it with ldapsearch, ldapadd, ldapvi, etc. according to what you want to do.

@Shamar @glaurungo @ffeth What if a company-owned R&D group makes an invention? Who decides?

Also, you can't replace intellectual property because there is no such thing as intellectual property.
Copyright trolls and patent trolls want us to believe there's such a thing, but there really isn't. Don't buy into their narrative.

@glaurungo @wowaname @lupine

>They'll literally be forbidden to release a competing product.

IMO this is a bug.

The fact that you can't license a patent for a reasonable fee is IMO a bug.

@Shamar @glaurungo @ffeth

My gut feeling is, they only do so when it's convenient to them.

@wowaname @lupine @glaurungo
I'm not for making trade secrets illegal.
All I'm saying is patents provide^Wwere supposed to provide an _incentive_ for not keeping something secret.
Patents were supposed to translate publishing inventions to money.

@Shamar @glaurungo @ffeth
also, if you invented nuclear fusion,
saying it can't be used for nuclear weapons would be useless.
For regular people, making nuclear weapons would be illegal anyway, and for the army, it'd be legal anyway. Even if it'd be illegal on paper, the government would make sure that nobody stops the army from making such weapons.

@Shamar @glaurungo @ffeth

OTOH, with your proposal, if I invented a knife, and published my invention with a condition that it must not be used to kill anyone, and then someone tried to kill you, and you only had a knife, you wouldn't be allowed to use it to defend yourself. That wouldn't be good.

@Shamar @glaurungo @ffeth not really... at least not in the same way.
AGPL says you can do whatever as long as you post the source code.
For example, you can use AGPLd source to make an evil socnet that manipulates people's voting preferences, as long as you publish the modified source code. If everyone figures out from the source code what you're up to, well, happens.

>po co phone
>phone for what? [in polish]

@clacke gonna ask :P
Still, ulimit generally works fine when left alone. OTOH, if you don't know about umask, you're likely to pass wrong mode to open/creat/etc., or insist on other programs to pass such mode, which will break stuff for those who do know about umask.

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