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Anyone familiar with Diffie-Hellman/discrete log problems here?
If you have an oracle that:
has secret s,
takes x \in G,
returns y = x^s
is it hard to learn s?
What's this problem called? Is there a reduction from it to discrete log or diffie-hellman problem?
IOW, is it hard for Alice to learn Bob's private DH key, if they're doing DH exchange?

@david_ross the one about data extracted by researchers being copyrightable? Well, I guess it's ok-ish, as it's only about parties "which they have lawful access for the purposes of scientific research".

@hellpie oh, you meant that the email contains a link to the browser exploit, not the exploit itself? Well, that'd require clicking links. I know most people are likely to click links in unexpected emails, but I'm not.

I'm not viewing my e-mail in a browser.
Actually, nvm, Thunderbird technically is a web browser.
I'm pretty sure it doesn't allow JS tho. Also, it I usually mark suspicious e-mails as spam before opening them, in which case Thunderbird doesn't render the HTML. Which I should disable globally anyway. Why didn't I do it yet?

The phishing attempts I receive are getting better. Now they send me gramatically correct e-mails in polish, pretending they're from my e-mail provider, and that the .pdf.js file in the attachment is an invoice.

@MeimuHakurei @rysiek @eff
I think the "let's make a revolution and dismantle everything" approach has a significant problem:
It doesn't suggest what the new structure is supposed to be.
And once you consider what new structure you want, it often turns out that it'd be easier to implement it without a revolution.
Also, look at Darken Rahl, or Davy Jones - if you kill them, you _become them_. Nothing changes except for the person.
If you want a non-fiction example, look at Russia.

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@MeimuHakurei @Wolf480pl @eff Julia Reda has been fighting this (and other things) for years. As a Member of Europarliament.

Amelia Andersdotter, also a former MEP< is one of the main reasons we do not have ACTA, and we *do* have Roam-like-at-home and standardization of phone chargers in EU.

So how about some credit where credit's due.

@MeimuHakurei @rysiek @eff
I don't remember any anti-piracy laws tbh.

@MeimuHakurei @rysiek @eff
Also, it's not like EU is wrong in everything that it's done. For the most part, it's good. It's just that you don't hear about the good parts, because who'd want to read good news.

@MeimuHakurei @rysiek @eff
Then a new structure will appear, because there are enough influental people in society pushing for a hierarchical structure.
Alternatively, Trump and Putin will split Europe in half and take it over.

Anyway, after killing high-ranked members of a hierarchical structure, you end up with another hierarchical structure. It's unaviodable.

@MeimuHakurei @rysiek @eff
You totally missed my point.
I mean that killing everyone in the parliment will not be a long-term solution at all, because new MEPs will be elected pretty quickly.
They reappear after you kill them.

Ok, so
definition-trapping is newspeak + intimidating your opponent by making them feel ignorant/guilty for not knowing your newspeak.

@cjd someone already suggested that, I think it's similar but not the same.
I decided to call the technique I described "definition-trapping", because it's somewaht similar to Kafka-trapping.
The goal of definition-trapping is to make your opponent feel ignorant and guilty for not guessing your definition of a word.
Also, your custom definition doesn't need to be uncontroversial, or even reasonable. It can go as far as newspeak.
Wait. Newspeak. That's the word, or at least closest to what I mean

like "If this wasn't done for a month and nobody complained, it means it wasn't really important"?

@rysiek @eff
oh, ok so it's not that bad yet.
As for calling - I already told you I don't feel comfortable calling strangers.
Sent them emails through saveyourinternet website tho, do you think this will work? Or should I send them emails manually instead?

This is the first time the use of "BREAKING" in the commit message^W^W title is justified.
Because this is a backwards-incompatible change that WILL BREAK the internet.
Well... fuck.

This is sick. So many context switches...
I'd get distracted too easily or miss the progress bar finishing if I had anything else to do in the meantime.

well, based on that single talk, I can't tell if they're djb-level experts, or just random geeks who read about DH on wikipedia, like me.