Updated the firmware to, disabled all these weird hiveagent and support-assist stuff, and configured ssh pubkey auth.

Looks like that hiveagent thing was an application written in python, and you can somehow upload and install more of those apps.

Oh, and if you `dir ../..` it reveals that it's really Linux under the hood. There's even busybox in `../../bin`. I wonder if I could make a python app that'd let me start a normal posix shell (as opposed to this switch CLI, which, while nice, doesn't let you look around the filesystem too much - there's no cat).

Anyway, that'll have to wait for a later time, got work to do.

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I got this awesome switch from @nihl.
It's a Dell N2048. With a fan mod, which makes it pretty silent. It's gonna be so much more fun than the noisy Nortel I had before.
Thank you Nihl!

Serial Experiments Lain ep7, spoilers in screenshot 

I'm pretty sure this is a MiniVAX workstation.

Why does vectorizing floor plans produce modern art... :blobcatnotlikethis:

Yay, I can detect when the HardDoom ][β„’ card crashes.

Now it's time to make the driver do something useful, I gues...

Pinout of the backplane power plug in PowerEdge 1950 server.

Plug facing the viewer, (i.e. you hold the cable in your hand, with plug towards you)

Rebooting an old VM with shitloads of uptime, to give it more RAM.

It decided to fsck... it's so slow...

You know how you can make conky run a lua script, in which you get access to all conky variables, and can use cairo to draw anything you like on conky's window?

A few years ago I wrote a bunch of reusable functions for drawing bar- and ring-shaped gauge widgets.

Turns out that if you use topics, gerrit deals with multi-commit changes pretty well

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Got serial console working on the Nortel 5510 I got yesterday, only to learn that it crashes during POST... sigh...
At least now I have logs to send to the refurbishing shop I bought it from.

A huge rejudge in the test environment of Polish Olympiad in Informatics.
~3k test+submission pairs checked per minute. The worker machines keep pulling between 50 and 150 Mbit/s of data over the network in total.

The SFF-8087 to SFF-8484 cables from Amazon finall arrived today. After two weeks since we ordered them.

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