It's interesting how networks that are part of the internet split into two kinds: eyeballs networks (ones whose users mostly download), and content networks (ones whose users mostly upload). And then there's a twitter on top of it, and its users also split into eyeball users (follows > followers) and content users (follows < followers).

Is it a natural tendency of people to split into content producers and consumers, or a corporate attempt at milking money out of people?

@Wolf480pl I think the separation itself is natural but the magnitude of the separation is probably not.

@Normandy @Wolf480pl Idk I feel pretty neutral myself... I mainly lurk but I have a lot of pretty good conversations. So I guess i'm a lurker but i'm a more vocal lurner.

@rx14 @Wolf480pl I'm mostly a lurker too. For a while my Following > Followers but the gap seems to be closing now.

@Normandy @rx14 I'm one of those gotta-read-it-all weirdos, so I can't follow too many people. I also only post things that I think are important. I try to not boost too much too silly things.

@Wolf480pl @Normandy Somehow i'm "gotta read it all" about twitter but not mastodon.

I'm a crazy fucker.

@rx14 @Wolf480pl @Normandy Now I want an animegirl-starcraft-cute-lurker crossover as an avatar. Would be... Interesting.

@wolf480pl It's mostly natural and applies to pretty much every larger online community. https://shitposter.club/url/1654975
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