There's an interesting website,
that explains what Internet is meant to be like. (thanks to @jeffcliff for pointing me to it)

It claims that the corpos and govts that are trying to appropriate the Internet are making a mistake.
Not that they're evil, but that they're mistaken.
As I understand it, it implies that such behaviour doesn't benefit those companies.
That they can't just turn the internet into another TV network and suck money out of the people.
But... why?

@Wolf480pl they sure can turn it into another TV network. Just like the soviet union could turn the desert around the aral sea into farmland. Doesn't mean they should

Yeah, but if doing that brings them shitloads of money, and it's their best move from a game-theoretic point of view, IOW doing that is in their best interest, then it's not a mistake.
This means we can't just wait for them to die from the mistake, or create a company that doesn't make this mistake and win effortlessy.
We need to fight them.
We need to defend the Internet.

@Wolf480pl agreed - short term they have every interest in breaking it. Long term the internet is going to be like ubiquitous running water in that societies that do not have it decoupled from those vertically integrated monopolies will be rightly called 'shithole countries'

@jeffcliff @Wolf480pl What I think the few monopolists are trying to do is to turn the internet into some server warehouses which they own, and which anyone else can connect to via an API which they specify. That would give them total control over what can be seen, what can be advertised and critically over e-commerce. Control capital flow with rent extraction and you control everything in the modern economy.

I think that scenario is avoidable, but it will take effort.

@bob @jeffcliff They're not just after controlling capital flow, they want to control information flow. And that means power over all the people living in their walled garden. An army of zombies watching their algorithmic timelines.

@Wolf480pl @jeffcliff Right. Control the information and you can rig the whole game. I don't think we're at the endgame yet, but things are certainly moving in that direction.
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