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2008: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh wow, how convenient! I really appreciate talented developers who write good cross-platform code and accomodate to users of multiple operating systems!

2018: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh great, another fucking Electron app 🙄

@animeirl @SpankyWorks compared to Electron, Java is actually pretty sane.

Wolf480pl @Wolf480pl@niu.moe

@animeirl @SpankyWorks You hate Java?
Java is a beautiful programming language compared to JS. It's so easy to reason about. You don't have to remember all the weird special-case behaviors of == and ===. It throws exceptions when something goes wrong, so you know where it went wrong. It has types. Statically checked. It's like... nothing fancy but everything you would expect from a programming language.

@Wolf480pl @SpankyWorks they're both pretty hideous and use way too much memory. Javas garbage collection resulted in apps that preformed horribly from ux perspective. I'd also take html over swing any day despite it's many problems.

@animeirl @SpankyWorks there's also JavaFX, but Swing isn't that bad IMO.

@animeirl @Wolf480pl @SpankyWorks server side Java is incredibly popular (maybe the most common server side language) . Android is a Java runtime environment that seems to present a pretty good UX too.

Everybody hates Java Applets and Swing, but the language isn't only those decades-old monstrosities.

@Wolf480pl @animeirl @SpankyWorks Funny, I have the complete opposite opinion. I hate (almost) everything about Java. Static typing without type inference, "classes everywhere" philosophy, over-reliance on IDE, painful use of getters and setters, etc...

Kotlin looks pretty awesome though.

@mlcdf @animeirl @SpankyWorks I'm not saying Java is beautiful in general, it's very average IMO. But compared to JS....