I love the smell of crashed browser tabs in the morning.


When you run out of RAM, just kill a bunch of WebContent processes. The tabs handled by them stop consuming resources, but you can easily resurrect them should you need them. No more "will I be able to find that page again if I close the tab" dillema.

@Wolf480pl a friend of mine has written a cron script, that periodically killed most of chrome tabs to keep computer executing less code.

@dredmorbius I'm doing this with Firefox which I guess you have also uninstalled. The question is, what browser do you use?

@Wolf480pl Ah, wasn't aware of that trick.

I do have FF installed, though on a system I rarely use presently.

@dredmorbius @Wolf480pl You can try Pale Moon, which is Firefox forked before one-process-per-tab "feature". Lots of code is shared between tabs (3 windows about 10 tabs each take ~700MB at the moment, instead of ~300MB per tab with latest FF), although when it crashes, you have to restart entire application.
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