What do I do when a debian package suddenly disappears from official repos?


I asked on their IRC ( on OFTC) and it looks like sometimes some packages are removed during point releases, eg. here: (scroll to "Removed packages")

Maybe I should host my own snapshot of their repo.

@Wolf480pl You should use the #debian infrastructure instead of reinventing snapshots of the package repository. Take a look at snapshot.debian.org/ and always read in the release notes why the package is removed.

@txt_file @Wolf480pl
IIRC snapshot.debian.org is only meant for low traffic, and if you're gonna use it a lot (like for automated builds), you're supposed to set up your own snapshot with sth like aptly. At least that's what they told me on the official Debian IRC channel.

@wolf480pl @Wolf480pl okay. If it is discouraged to use snapshot.d.o it should be stated on the website. But there is no such statement.
IMHO just use it.

Maybe I'll just use it. Though making my own mirror will probably speed up builds

@wolf480pl @Wolf480pl you can check if apt-chache-ng (or similar) is enough for your mirror.
I used it last year for a small Debian hacking weekend and it was very useful.

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