WTF why is Autocrypt so annoying

@clacke Enables itself by default in Thunderbird without asking. Does things behind my back.

It used to keep generating stupid keys with my name in them and then try to use them until I forced it to use my regular PGP key.

Also, I just got an encrypted reply on a mailing list. The mailing list got an unencrypted version of the same email.
Confusing IMO.

@Wolf480pl Oh. To be fair though, this seems to be about Thunderbird's Autocrypt specifically? Or is this kind of thing endemic in implementations generally?

@clacke Though I'm under the impression that the whole idea is to force you to use encryption even if you don't want. If that's indeed the case, that'd mean it's annoying by design.

@Wolf480pl I prefer the term opportunistic encryption. 🙂

In an application like Delta I think it is just brilliant.

I agree that in a general-purpose mail client it should probably at least be signaled clearly when used, be trivial to turn off, and be better integrated with the existing OpenPGP support.
@clacke @Wolf480pl Autocrypt in Deltachat, it's implementation is perfect to me. I can just tell someone to install it and Bam, encrypted secure-ish communication.

I don't have any experience with it outside of Deltachat though. I'm a bad email user and felt as there was no reason to encrypt my email messages. I've seen the light. I also use cli email clients for the most part. Mutt, neomutt, aerc, mostly the latter.

@cobra2 @clacke
Yeah it's one thing to build a new thing with opportunistic encryption from day one, and another to try to whack it on top of existing protocol which already has its own set of idioms and workarounds, in an existing app, behind the back of unsuspecting users.

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