i still would never want to live in an apartment

its just,,,, wrong

@steph I remember reading an article about that and how apparently living away from the ground amplified depression and anxiety

@dragon it's pretty much the norm in the UK

i've lived in a flat for one year, first year of uni before moving into other accomodation

not much apartment buildings at all here

@steph @dragon
there aren't flats on the ground floor or 1st floor?

@Wolf480pl @steph there are but oftentimes they're awful because apartment buildings are made close to the street so the noise is terrible and you're apparently more likely to get robbed

@dragon @Wolf480pl i wouldn't buy a property based on the probability of being robbed... like, it'll be close to 0 anyway

@steph @Wolf480pl oh I'm looking at rentals and ground floor flats are significantly cheaper and that's partly the reason, not just being robbed but like getting your shit broken and stuff, even accidentally

@steph @dragon
when your window can be touched from the street, it's easier to throw a stone at it or spary it with a paint, I guess?


@steph @dragon
also, after you break the glass it's easier to walk in and out through a window if it's low near the ground

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