On the topic of networking: 10Gbps and up is pure DRM cancer.
Cables must be terminated with transceivers, and each transceiver is vendored. And all switches and interface cards expect only their brand of transceivers to be plugged into them. So you can't plug an Intel branded transceiver into an Arista switch.
So you can hack some switches to accept other vendor's transceivers (via kernel patching and flashing) or you can buy special fixed-length vender1 <-> vendor2 cables.

@lynne luckily 10G can still be used over copper. Higher bandwidth though..

@whiteout @lynne 10G over copper is expensive as hell though. Nobody is throwing it away, so you can't get cheap second-hand cards and switches....

@Wolf480pl @lynne it is not that expensive. I own a pair of AQC-107 based networks cards and thy costed me about $85 a piece for a new one (roughly converted from a local money). The copper 10g switches are a problem though. Right now, the only cheap options are Mikrotik and Ubiquiti..

@whiteout @lynne
Oh, I know what it was: SFP+ to 10GBase-T transceivers. They're like 10x more expensive than SFP+ to 10Base-SR.

I happen to have an (otherwise gigabit) switch with two 10G SFP+ ports and would be fun if I could use them for sth one day...

@Wolf480pl @lynne again, Mikrotik makes cheaper SFP+ RJ45 modules. I believe the model name was S+RJ10.

But it can be considered cheap only if your only option is to buy new hardware. In most cases buying used Mellanox cards off Ebay would be cheaper.
@Wolf480pl @lynne sorry I mixed two posts in one. A part about Mellanox is a continuation of my previous message.

@whiteout @lynne


58 EUR (~=64 USD) + shipping on amazon,
~70 USD on the Polish auction site

meanwhile, a refurbished "functional equivalent" of Mellanox MFM1T02A-SR (10GBase-SR SFP+ module) for ~13 USD.

I can have 5 Base-SR modules for the price of 1 Base-T one....

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