So i might be a little crazy, stockpiling linksys 54g wifi routers in the hopes of making a big mesh network with them all.


@mrbill0 you're not crazy, but I think Netgear R6220 would be a good candidate too - also excellent OpenWrt support, but with 802.11ac


These show up at no cost and usually get recycled because they are old, ill keep an eye out for netgear now too.

@mrbill0 in Poland, someone is selling hundreds of second-hand r6220's at 80 PLN each, which is like 20 USD or two wrt54g's.

@Wolf480pl @mrbill0 since when does wrt54gl cost 10USD? I've got one for 10PLN and another for 15, both of them combined don't even equate to $10

@redsPL @mrbill0
just checked on allegro, there were only like 2 offers at 40 PLN...
maybe you can get them cheaper on OLX, dunno

@Wolf480pl @mrbill0 availability is kinda bad, but if you search allegro for a while, cheaper (non Buy Now) options will appear. No one wants to buy them, so they can be REALLY cheap

@redsPL @mrbill0
ok, so let's that'd mean r6220 costs 8 wrt54g's.

Still, considering the tremendous jump from 802.11g's 54Mbit/s to two-antenna-802.11ac's 800Mbit/s, and from 100Base-T to 1000Base-T ethernet, I'd say it's more than worth the price.

And if you're building a meshnet, you may need that extra bandwidth in a few places

@mrbill0 @Wolf480pl

I'm due for another trip to the thrift store with the openwrt supported hardware page in hand

One Of These Days I'll shove kiwix onto a flash drive slotted into a suitable Netgear just to serve it up to my neighbors

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