Stop hating on server software!

nginx is ESSENTIAL
apache is ENTERPRISE
postgres is RELIABLE
ssh is SECURE

@Wolf480pl what projects are top right and bottom right logos from?

@sirmacik @Wolf480pl icinga and grafana (the picture is captioned so you can look at the description by hovering at it)

@Wolf480pl Postfix/Dovecot are lacking from this picture

@tdemin I have no experience with Dovecot, and my only experience with Postfix tells me it's an unmanagable mess. I was tempted to include OpenSMTPD instead, but I don't think it's popular enough.

I never used docker But thougt about doing it.... But i read more often about all the hate... Why?

- overhyped
- often pushed for usecases where it's unnecessary, just because it's the trendy thing to do
- it's not a tool for solving problems, it's a tool for shoving problems under the rag
- encourages developers to be lazy
- encourages developers to make inscrutable blackboxes
- encourages admins to not try to understand the software they run

@fuyuhikodate and that's only on the design part. As for the implementation part...
- uses lots of disk space
- doesn't give a shit about security
- IIRC there were some other annoying things people complained about, but I forgot what they were

Doesnt give a shit about security is for me the most important Argument.
But still, thanks a lot for the list. I think i will never try docker :)

@fuyuhikodate maybe I exaggerated a bit, what I meant is they explicitly say that Docker is not meant for sandboxing untrusted code, and sandbox escape bugs are expected.

Anyway, I think it wouldn't hurt to try it, to see what it does and how it feels. And who knows, maybe one day you will have a problem of having to run software that depends on obscure versions of obscure libraries from ubuntu 12.04 and you'll want to shove it under the carpet^W^W^W into a container instead of fixing it to work with latest libraries.

Hahaha xD
Well you're not the only one who hate docker in that way and fixing an error under the carpet? No way. Either i find a Bugfix or another Tool which i can use before i say "Hey lets take this unstable fix... Its like trying to fix my life" ^^;

@fuyuhikodate well I don't use docker, I'm just saying that you shouldn't base your decision not to use it solely on what I told you.

Yeah its more like a "you're the 5the Person who told me, dont use docker its insecure" so before i even thin about it to using it i should read a lot more about it ^^

@ivesen you can just hover over the picture to see the description

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