"[US media culture] ... promotes a sort of anti-intellectual ... contempt for those that are well educated, we call them elitists or bi-coastal liberals ..."

It's not elitist to assume everyone in the US who is well educated lives in the coastal states?

Because when I think back on all the US pop culture I've been exposed to over my lifetime (as a kiwi growing up in a kind of neo-colony outside that culture), almost all of it encodes exactly that assumption; that the coastal states are smart and cultured (or at least hip), and the inland states are full of dumb, crude (and maybe dangerous) hicks. From Deliverance to Young Sheldon.

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@cjd I've become more sympathetic to that POV throughout my lifetime. I grew up in a family with great respect for indigenous tradition, and the more I think about other kinds of traditional communities through that lense, the more cautious I get about the whole 'modernize everything yesterday' and 'burn the world and build on the ashes' attitudes.


@strypey @cjd
I came to a similar conclusion after learning about all the traditional protocols that have been around since the beginning of the Internet, and then seeing webdevs make poor imitations of them on top of HTTP, essentially reinventing a square wheel.

Now I'm of the opinion that one can't make progress without first understanding the previous ways of doing something, and finding the original reasons people did it that way in the past.

@Wolf480pl I call this the Kalashnikov principle, named after the inventor of the AK47 who apparently said something like;
"Before attempting to create something new, it is vital to have a good appreciation of everything that already exists in this field."

@strypey @cjd
Do you call it Kalashnikov's Princible, because Kalashnikov's Automaton is the result of such understanding and appreciation, or because AK-47 is what designers of all the newer rifles should have looked at? Or both?

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