I'm really tempted to buy that UPS I found on sale yesterday. The Eaton 3S seems to have some of the best reviews among UPSes in the same price range too.

But man, money though. $70 isn't that much, but if I never need it, then it's 100% wasted money.

There was one power outage two years ago though.
And it's not powerful enough to take both my servers. It can take one server and a switch though.

Alternatively I could buy two, one for each server, but that seems quite overkill.
@Wolf480pl Yeah I've been tempted to. But I don't really have any space for one near my NAS.

@quad if I looked at that video again I'm sure I'd find some place where you could put it. Won't it fit behind the TV chest^W^W the piece of furniture below TV? (how do you even call those outside of Minecraft?) Or behind the chest^W piece of furniture in which your NAS sits?

@Wolf480pl I don't even know what you mean by "TV chest"

But no, it won't fit behind the TV stand, not even close. There's about 3cm clearing there. Atm power strips are actually partially underneath it because even a regular power strip like pic related won't fit behind there normally, but there's only 4-5cm under there as well and I don't of any UPS capable of fitting into a space that small.

@quad yeah I meant TV stand.

Hm... maybe you should move the NAS to the server closet? :P

@Wolf480pl Yeah I've considered doing that. But my NAS is the most critical thing of all my servers, so I don't really want to trust it being behind those sketchy cable runs of mine.
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