> TFW you have poor wifi
> websites don't load
> IRC still works

I'm starting to wonder whether "it's not the 80s anymore" is really a valid argument...


Ok, now I feel like when I finally find time to make that chat protocol I've been wanting to make, I'll test it under low bandwidth / high packet loss conditions, and optimize the shit out of it.

That feeling of challenge, that urge to get the most out of the tech we have...

Do other programmers not get this feeling?

@bob I think that's the job of Tansport and Data Link layers.

@Wolf480pl I sometimes do when programming another insane thing for Emacs, like that CHIP-8 emulator: github.com/wasamasa/chip8.el

@Wolf480pl not all of them. some see the challenge in destroying/destabilizing your system, others will get creative to use it in a way you didn’t expect…

@pfm yeah, I also feel it sometimes and I can understand that. But I think there's also a lot of programmers out there who just want to make things kinda work, with minimal effort.

Now that I think of it, it's probably because they are overworked...

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