While @sir over there works on a rio-like #Wayland compositor (go check it out!),

I've spent some time trying to port plan9port (aka Plan 9 from User Space) to the #Hurd yesterday. It's not quite working yet, but many subprojects already build, and at least mk works.

The really exciting part of course would be to switch the custom filesystems back from 9P over a Unix socket to real Hurd translators.


@bugaevc cool!
Btw. is there any active developement on HURD these days?
Is it still on Mach or did they finally port to L4?

@Wolf480pl not active, but it doesn't seem stalled either

Of course it's still on Mach, why does everyone think they were actually going to move to L4? There were discussions and even prototypes, but nothing serious came out if it, as far as I'm aware.


I was under the impression that Mach's performance issues were a blocker, but maybe I was wrong.

@Wolf480pl it wasn't a blocker per se; Mach works fine if somewhat slow

@bugaevc I'd have more faith in something seL4 or Fiasco.OC, but I may as well be completely wrong.

Anyway, how well does HURD work at the moment? Is it usable as a daily driver?

@Wolf480pl @bugaevc Sure, if you control the environment very tightly. It is kind of like Classic MacOS, where as long as you stick to the well tested configurations (of which there are few), it works pretty well.

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