TIL electroluminescent wire is a thing

Damn it I want it... it's so TRON...

@Wolf480pl You can get entire panels of it.

I kinda want to use it to light my house. Just have a strip the entire length of the room.
@Ste1lar @Wolf480pl I was thinking some really fuckin high vis motorcycle gear

@Ste1lar @izaya yeah also I wouldn't put that wire on the wheels. But I'm sure you can do sth inspired by this, and get a TRON-looking bike that still practical.

@izaya @Ste1lar I'm thinking that a single LED on a rim would be good enough to make it look like a circle at high speeds, and then you'd just need a small battery to keep that LED alive.

@Ste1lar @izaya

I mean, it's not that I have anything against fursuits, but IMO it'd be a mix of 2 different aesthetics that don't mesh well together.

Either fur OR Tron. Not both.

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