First impressions of Matrix: frequent lag spikes at upwards of 10+ seconds and now the server is just straight up dead

Please just use IRC, people ;_;

@sir IRC is kind of broken as designed; the server pretty much expects to be talking directly to the user, so there are fundamental things missing, like knowing which past request an error message is a response to, or knowing whether a message you see or sent has been truncated because it was too long (or even what the length limit is)

@kragen @sir "feature i don't want is missing" is not quite the same as "broken by design", but it is very annoying.

@kragen @lain @ciaby scaling problems are not generally protocol problems

@sir @kragen @lain @ciaby
From what I've heard Matrix's terrible lack of scalability is baked into the protocol design, together with a DDoS amplification vector.

@Wolf480pl @sir @kragen @ciaby okay, but matrix is really a weird design. AP is essentially the same as email.

@lain @sir @kragen @ciaby
Until you start expanding contexts, as the specifications wants you to do. Though I guess litepub won't have such issues.

@lain @sir @kragen @ciaby
I'm guessing it doesn't take craziness, just naivety.

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