trains are so beautiful a train could punch me in the face n i'd say thank you


@cute and the train driver would be shocked and would have to take a leave for the rest of the day, and all the passengers would need to wait until the prosecutor inspects the place of the accident, and until the body is removed from the tracks.

Please don't do that.

@Wolf480pl @cute maybe then everyone can realise life isnt fair

@wowaname @cute but this already keeps happening over and over, to the point that everyone is tired of it.

@Wolf480pl @cute vehicular traffic sucks too, let's just get rid of it

life isnt simple or fair. the universe doesnt care what youre tired of

@wowaname @cute
And I'm not saying we should get rid of cars, or trains, or anything.

Just... let's try to discourage people from jumping on the tracks.

@Wolf480pl @cute the only thing i'm discouraging is you replying seriously to the original post and acting all concerned

@wowaname do you need a hug? It's okay if you do fam

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