Holy shit I can't fucking read this article at all
Now I know what I sound like when I talk to people...


@Freyaday I just searched on wikipedia what a planetary gear is[1], and I can read that article no problem. Well, except when the author is referring to some other gearboxes the reader supposedly knows, but knowing what those are like is not necessary to understand most of the article.

[1]: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epicycli

1. read enough of the wikipedia thing to understand how the planetary gears work
2. understand the schematics of the gearboxes (which part is a clutch, which is a break band, which is a gear)
3. try to imagine different combinations of engaged and disengaged clutches and breaks, and try to figure out how the gears will spin and how the speeds are multiplied and/or divided

@Wolf480pl Def gonna have to give it another go, then. Thanks for keeping me honest.

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