Why is #Wayland preferable to #X11? I honestly haven't seen a good argument yet. I haven't looked for a good argument either, but usually articles about Wayland just go on explaining how it will accomplish goals, but no one I've read has explained why they want it.

If you look at [1], I think it's clear that Xorg with a compositing WM means sending things back and forth without need, which makes things less efficient and increases code complexity.

Now, you could just get rid of Xorg, and have each WM implement a full X11 server.
The thing is, the X11 spec requires the server to do shitloads of things that nobody uses (eg. server-side fonts), and the protocol is a mess with hacks which grew over years.

[1]: wayland.freedesktop.org/archit


Though I guess I could give a better explanation if you said which goals Wayland supposedly tries to accomplish.

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