from top: ThinkPad 600X (bought as broken, arrived today in working condition), ThinkPad 600 (had this for a while)

quest for today: merge them into a perfect-condition one and "OK" one.
side quest: WiFi in the perfect one as it has a mPCI slot


@redsPL also, on the right behind the keyboard, is this a wifi router? What model is that?

@Wolf480pl It's an IBM Model M from ca. 1993, bought it on ebay a while ago - no regrets, it's awesome.

Also, I don't have a router back there, it's just some antistatic foil. Another cheap (~20PLN/$5) WRT54GL should arrive in the next few days tho :P

>Also, I don't have a router back there, it's just some antistatic foil
Antistatic foil is green? o.O

@Wolf480pl ohh, you mean that green thingie on the right?

I have no idea what it was. Probably a piece of wire, but it's not here anymore...

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