I am unsure why people call the current economic system "capitalism". There are almost no capitalistic tropes to the current system. It is more like a socialist society. Almost every aspect of our lives is controlled by government, even through corporations by proxy, but not directly by corporations exactly. It is just weird to me to hear so much blamed on a system of economics that doesn't even exist today.

Is Google controlled by a government?

Is google a government?

Or maybe it's a state-like entity within another state? I think those were called mafias?

@Wolf480pl I don't think you are wrong about your state within a state theorem... but they are ultimately subservient to the whims of the greater state. The state with the guns.


I think it's the government that is controlled by the corpos. By means of bribes^Wlobbying.

@Wolf480pl @poetgrant
This was the conclusion of the from a paper from 2014 looking at the US specifically,
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