@tdemin that is exactly the problem I mentioned yesterday. Communities of old solutions ignore improvements from modern alternatives and fall into stagnation. Xabber web's dev calls e2ee madness, ejabberd's dev calls it a cancer with misunderstanding even how e2ee works. And with all that fans calls XMPP secure.
I wonder that there is a web client for XMPP at all.

OTOH, I'm not surprised that a developer who personally doesn't want or need to use OMEMO is tired of some OMEMO fans who keep demanding that they implement it.

@tdemin politely opened a feature request, everything was fine, but then people started "me-too"-ing without contributing anything to the issue.

@wolf480pl "I'm also waiting for this before using Xabber-web. Most of my contacts use OMEMO with Conversation client." doesn't seem all that confrontational to me though.
And the response is "That makes it your problem, friend, not ours. No contact of mine uses OMEMO, and I'm not too eager to take part in this forced ee2e madness. At least, for free."

Well, the first comment you quoted wasn't confrontational, but I still think it doesn't contribute much to the issue.

And the developer overreacted, sure. But if what they say is true, they get a lot of such messages over all the different communication channels, and are probably tired of it, which I can understand.

I'm not saying it's tigre-bleu (the first commenter)'s fault. Tbh, I think joe-average-user's comment was when it all went wrong.

Still, I think it's important to keep in mind that the developers are just people, who also have limited time and patience, and we shouldn't keep bothering them just because they haven't yet implemented a feature we need.

I think all the "everyone, comment on this issue so that the devs get it implemented" approach is very ineffective and harmful for both sides. At least in case of small open-source projects which don't really benefit from having a lot of users.

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