When coding your next network service, make it listen a custom port and not use HTTP as part of its protocol.

@Wolf480pl jokes on you the last network service i wrote was an irc bot and i wrote out all the commands in plaintext
@Wolf480pl or rather i didn't use a library for any of the irc commands. i just printed text into a socket
@Wolf480pl you forgot to say to make sure the validity of messages is decidable

@Michcioperz @Wolf480pl

Would you mind to elaborate?

What does "decidable validity" exactly means in the context of the messages of a protocol?
You just mean: NOT like HTTP?

Is there a predicate I can apply to the messages of a protocol to state if they are all decidable? What about logical dependencies between the messages?

Do you have any good read on the topic?

(sorry for the wall of questions, but I don't have a degree in CS so at times I learn fundamental things too late...)

@Shamar @Michcioperz
make sure the message format can be described with a regex, or, if you can't do that, with a context-free grammar (see also: BNF).
IOW, if you have any length fields, you lose.

@cathal @Shamar @Michcioperz @maradydd
She's been completely inactive here for half a year, I'd be surprised if she replied.

@Shamar @Michcioperz @maradydd
Actually I'm having a derp moment because I think she has a more recent alt but I cannot recall where. Maybe it simply has been that long tho. :/

@Wolf480pl @Michcioperz

Ehm... you are excluding all binary protocols, aren't you?

@Shamar @Michcioperz Yes. You need to base64 (or somehow else) encode them, so that you can always tell the difference between a control character and part of the blob.
Well, unless the blob is the last thing you send before closing the connection.

@teqwve only if you were allowed to use HTTP and decided not to.

@fred HTTPS, WS and WSS all have HTTP at some layer in the protocol stack, so I count them as HTTP.

@Wolf480pl Last network service I wrote was a gopher server so uh... checkmate?
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