Few days of checking out gtkmm with C++. It feels pretty nice, yet requires a bit of boilerplate code to write. Although, build time feels bad, very bad. But the application is very fast though.

And hell, I've used dynamically typed languages too much, I feel strange of writing this boilerplate code too much. I already want to detach parts that repeat and replace them with decorator declaration or something like that...

Also have been thinking, whether it is good idea to try out #Rust for GTK development?

It's like a newer more powerful language with rich toolset and which is afaik in process of adoption in #Gnome community.

Also all the build-time-gc convinces me it is good idea. But I didn't manage out borrowing and wrapping variables though...


Last time my friend tried to make a GUI in Rust, he found out that no GUI toolkit had sane Rust bindings.
Dunno what was wrong with GTK bindings, but there must've been something.

@wolf480pl Well, @brainblasted has written something in Rust with gtk-rs recently and found it to be very nice.

@xrevan86 @brainblasted
hmm... or maybe it was Go that had no sane GUI toolkit bindings....

@wolf480pl I think Go's binding for Qt is fairly developed…
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