I've been thinking about seamless OS emulation lately. Imagine being able to run 98SE or even something more exotic like win3 or OS/2 on your host machine, with all drivers and such.

Question being, did anyone do it? Is any soft available that does just that? If there isn't, I'll just hack together linux-based and maybe make it available to the public

@Wolf480pl THIS github.com/DieterReuter/boot2q one? If my understanding of Vagrant is correct, then no. It's supposed to be standalone, and this looks like it needs an OS.

(plus, who the hell uses Docker to emulate a raspberry pi? there were easy presets for qemu back in the day..)

@Wolf480pl Vagrant might be a good idea if I configure a minimal linux system tho

@redsPL lol no not this one.
I was expecting boot2qemu doesn't exist yet, and was thinking of sth like boot2gecko, except you have qemu instead.

Anyway, you need drivers for modern hardware, and you need to be able to access that hardware from win98 and the like. IMO the only sane way to achieve that is emulate some old hardware that those OSes already have drivers for, and use some modern OS's drivers for actual hardware, so you end up needing a host OS anyway.

@redsPL so I meant basically a Linux which, on boot, starts a qemu (hopefully with hardware accel) and boots win98 or whatever inside that qemu.

@Wolf480pl as my research on the web + reddit people didn't help, I'll hack some musl-based distro to make it work seamlessly or almost seamlessly. Thanks for the ideas tho

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