"I want an unhackable phone"

If your net worth is less than a half million dollars, and you aren't a power user:

Get an iPhone, keep it updated, set an alphanumeric passphrase. It will cost 6 figures minimum to hack your phone. You aren't that important.

@r000t but why'd you want an unhackable phone? Even if you aren't a hacker youself, maybe you have a friend who is a hacker, and if you get an unhackable phone, your friend won't be able to fix it for you when it breaks, and you'll have to pay the manufacturer for repairs...

@Wolf480pl @r000t with half a mil net worth you probably are more concerned with the wrong people accessing your information than you are about dropping some cash on a new phone if it breaks...


@kungtotte @r000t

yeah but we're talking about net worth less than half a million, i.e. the case where OP recommends an iPhone

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