@sir @Michcioperz@m.atm.pl is there a spec to what happens if you click the "Create Repository" button in git.sr.ht, or is it theoretically allowed to delete your account?


@sir I think what @Michcioperz@m.atm.pl tried to say is that because sr.ht doesn't have any formal specification or standard that it implements, it's as much undefined behaviour as Rust is.

@sir @Michcioperz @Wolf480pl you can write a spec for it just the same.

The crystal package manager has a spec

@kurisu @Michcioperz @Wolf480pl also for the record there is documentation on what happens when you push "create a repository", which you might call a spec man.sr.ht/git.sr.ht/#repositor


@sir @Wolf480pl @Michcioperz
Its buttons, labels input fields etc. could be described as some domain specific language, specific to the task the tool aims to solve.

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