A huge rejudge in the test environment of Polish Olympiad in Informatics.
~3k test+submission pairs checked per minute. The worker machines keep pulling between 50 and 150 Mbit/s of data over the network in total.

@kurisu each task sent to workers is either compile task or run task. Each submission is compiled once, and the binary is then ran multiple times, each time on a different test.

@Wolf480pl cool, why not shard submissions between servers to reduce network load?

@kurisu yeah, I thought about it, too.Still need to determine whether a single server can successfully keep all the test data in its cache. Otherwise, it'd make more sense to shard tests between servers, as tests often contain huge input files.

@Wolf480pl either way disk will have lower latency and higher speed than the network unless you have an amazing storage server

@kurisu I mean the application-level cache stored on disk.

@kurisu @Wolf480pl 3k run of pre-compiled program on a single test case
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