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The purpose of an open-source project is making source code.

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Why the hell is web still using passwords in 2018?
SSH has been using public key auth for over two decades now...

Note that rewriting for the sake of an exercise or curiosity is not a bad thing, just don't expect your rewrite to be better than the original.

If you want to rewrite a piece of software, and want your rewrite to be better than the original, you first need to understand what was wrong with the original, and how to avoid making the same mistake.

Rewriting for the sake of a rewrite is what corpos and techbros do.

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Whoops, I forgot to create my dynamic tunnel on this SSH session. No problem, just press [enter] in the ssh session, then literally ~C to open the SSH options prompt (ssh>). You can then specify your tunnel option of -D 8022 or whatever and it will create it.

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Memcached is an amazingly efficient at being an attack vector.

1:500000 amplification vector.


Also, I had to look into graphana's source code to figure that out.

4) if groups search is used, then the attribute specified as member_of is used *on the group* to get its unique name, which is what is later matched by the group mappings defined in config

and because (2), you can't use 'dn'. Using 'cn' and then having mappings like:
group_dn = "foo-admins"
org_role = "Admin"

is handy, and your only option, but somewhat confusing, because "foo-admins" is not a DN, duh...


3) because of (2), if your groups have

member: uid=user,dc=full,dc=dn...

you need group search filter like:


and set group_search_filter_user_attribute to "uid"


Configuring LDAP groups in Grafana, if your LDAP server doesn't understand memberOf, is quite an adventure.

1) the docs are very vague, and don't say what each config field will be used for
2) putting "dn" or "distinguishedName" in any of the "attribute name to get $X from" fields always results in empty string, insteadof the full DN


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lmao at the iSCSI traffic since I booted that single Windows 10 VM yesterday

Also, big thanks to @sir , @emersion , and everyone else who got sway and wlroots to the point where they're now.

How to study Japanese:
1. sign up for a Japanese course at uni
2. obtain a PDF of the textbook
3. find out that you can only see the first page, because under sway 1.0-alpha.6, mupdf doesn't react to any keypresses, so you have no way to switch to the next page
4. find out mupdf still uses X11
5. find out that the bug is related to WM_HINTS
6. learn a bit how WM_HINTS work
7. write a fix, submit a pull request
8. It's merged. It's 1 AM.

It's been fun, but I really need sleep now.

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@Wolf480pl I also personally don’t like it. It’s like that principle used in database design, where you don’t want the same information stored twice as it’ll probably cause a conflict or something nasty later on.

My intuition is that keeping files in git which are generated from other files also kept in git is... ewwww....

Is it just me, or is it indeed a bad idea to keep generated files in git?

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HN's code was finished 12 years ago

A lot of websites could stand to take inspiration from their eternal site design

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random thoughts:

web browsers really shouldn't be as complicated as they are

the less complex a web browser needs to be, the harder it is for a company to take over the web

I can't believe in 2018 someone still uses arguments of form "I can't believe in $YEAR someone still $DOES_SOMETHING"

Just because it's 2018 doesn't mean things are expected to be better than before.

For me, it means they're expected to be worse.

It's 2018 and most mainstream websites and other UI is designed for mobile, and Desktop is a 2nd class citizen....

I wish we could go back to 2008.

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