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Why the hell is web still using passwords in 2018?
SSH has been using public key auth for over two decades now...

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people are like "why do you hate CEF/Electron?" "stop hating on CEF/Electron" "it makes app devs lives easier" but there is ZERO FUCKING REASON for a music player to use 2GB+ of my memory when music players of yore used /2MB/. It is not yours to use.

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It'd be cool if someone wrote an article about barriers to entry and the importance of lurking before speaking.

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Usenet had a char limit similar to twitter and mastodon.

280 Twitter
500 Mastodon
60 000 Usenet

yeah. "similar".

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@mulander MitiS? Elektromania (particularly "Summer Vibes")? Some tracks by Brian P. Hogan (author of the Tmux books from Pragmatic) on Soundcloud? soundcloud.com/bphogan

If nobody uses it, then it doesn't work.

Especially if it's written in Python

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Digital security isn't about a specific app or tool. It begins with understanding the unique threats you face. ssd.eff.org/en/module/assessin

Remember the rule that one shouldn't use the same DNS server as authoritative server (for incoming queries) and as a caching resolver (for outgoing queries)?

Well, maybe we should have a similar rule with e-mail?

Wouldn't it be less error-prone if all your outgoing SMTP traffic that you're supposed to relay was handled by one server,
and all your incoming SMTP that you're not supposed to relay under any circumstances was handled by another, separate server?

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@Wolf480pl @Michcioperz opinion: Let's just go back to physical buttons.
Preferably reachable with a right thumb.

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opinion: moving parts of UI from top to bottom is a bad solution to a real problem
the problem of phone screens being too damn huge

Do you use the "Mute conversation" button

A) as a casual "I'm not interested in this thread", or

B) as a last-resort anti-spam measure?

For me it's been A so far, am I doing something wrong?

Apparently on EuroClojure 2016, someone had a talk about Natural Language Analysis, which he ran on the transcript of Polish Parlimentary Proceedings, and found out that the polish word for "tree" is correlated with "forest", "wood", "bush", etc. but also with "button", "MP" and "vote".


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Ah this reminds me.

Serverless architecture has a name since at least the 60s.

It's called Mainframes. You're running stuff on someone's Mainframe, in a proprietary OS.

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>Arch Linux AUR Repository Found to Contain Malware

Water found to be wet

Yay, finally got my Nortel 5510 switch. This time a working one.
I was kinda hoping it'd have some fan control that'd kick in after software boots, and spin down the fans a little, but nope, it stays as loud as it is during bootup.
It's not loud for a server room, but still very loud for a flat. Will have to turn it off at night for sure, and even during the day it's noise is pretty annoying.

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Yet again a image 'bout EU recent vote

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if you need a scientific paper and it's paywalled, the first thing you can try to do is email one of the authors.

"As an author, I am thrilled when people want to read my papers. I am allowed to send copies to you upon request and I will happily do so if you just email me to ask."

holly witteman has an entire post about getting access to paywalled papers: holly.witteman.ca/index.php/20

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RT @Senficon@twitter.com: We did it! But now we must plan the next step: On August 26th, let's have a #SaveYourInternet action day to send the message: We will not accept a copyright reform that includes #uploadfilters or the #linktax. Are you in?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Senficon/status/10

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BREAKING: In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against #Article13 and #Article11—the disastrous #CensorshipMachine and #LinkTax copyright proposals.

That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.