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Why the hell is web still using passwords in 2018?
SSH has been using public key auth for over two decades now...

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I think it's time we changed the default browser CSS a bit. Maybe to something like this[0], but with more contrast.
[0]: bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com

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@Wolf480pl Language evolves, but it's the fucking worst when you try to express to someone the original meaning of the word and they just act like you're a retard.

Why... why do they have to take every useful word and change it's meaning to the point it becomes useless...

All serious sources, from wikipedia to Cryptonomicon, say that "meme" is an idea that spreads between people, like a gene but for mind.

Then the internet starts calling viral images "memes". Which they are, but they're narrowing the meaning a too much.

Then they call "meme" every funny picture with a caption. Which totally misses the point.

But TIL, by "meme" people often also mean something that is popular without a good reason.

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@bobstechsite also, "ruin startups"? OH NOES NOT THE STARTUPS!

I am strongly suspicious of anything that calls itself a "startup". From what I see startups' modus operandi is:
1. have an idea
2. release the simplest and most insecure version of it
3. get some users locked-in
4. get VC funding
5. get more users locked-in
6. sell to the first sucker that wants to pay

...thus shafting both the users (they're the product, duh) *and* the investors.

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"This time itโ€™s the corporations imploding with fear and uncertainty because a bunch of Europeans handed them a big vague unreadable tome of legalese and told them they had to click on it before theyโ€™re allowed to do business in the European Union."

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We cant let fairy tales about power generation lead us into ruin

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#adtech, the business of spying on people without consent in order to sell mind control solutions to third parties on shady real-time exchanges, is suffering a lot today thanks to the #GDPR:
Thanks #EU! Keep up the good work. :)
(thanks @david_ross and @rysiek)

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>We (as an industry) had about two decades to be responsible and hold others to account with user data online. Instead we opted to pretend like a weasely Terms of Service replaced a sense of morality.
>Now we face regulation because, as it turns out, people care about how we use their data and how we influence them. Not exactly shocking that we ended up here.

RpFLCL on Hacker News


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@sir IMO they're not that annoying, I honestly expected more of them.

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All of the GDPR emails are annoying for sure but it's also immensely satisfying to see all of these companies shitting their pants. Fucking finally, right

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Electron makes the life of developers easier, it get it. But the price for users is too high: more risk and a lot more waste of resources. Still prefer proper native apps.


#appsec #infosec #security

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"It's time for tech people to have values, as journalism, medicine and law do. Deliberately taking features out of the web, claiming pieces of the web as corporate property, forcing the history offline, all are terrible abuses of what make the Internet great. An ethical technologist would refuse to do this work."


Oh man, looks like some news website did a really good job in spirit of :
Isn't this website lovely?
No ads, no cookies, no tracking, no 3rd party JS, only very minimal 1st party JS that seems to do nothing, (and the site works OK without it).
And look at how fast it loads!

This... this is what the internet should look like I think.

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@rysiek @lain The tl;dr is everyone decided to act like it wasn't a vulnerability because a) if everything was fully up to date some attacks didn't work and b) social engineering doesn't count and c) nobody cares about old (pre-MDC) encrypted content.

I'm not sure a), b) or c) were at all reasonable. I got this wrong too.

Also, shitty mail clients are *part* of the PGP ecosystem, because the PGP community writes plugins for them. We can't just abandon those users when they become inconvenient.

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Nicky Case made another amazing animated explanation about crowd psychology, so worth your time: ncase.me/crowds/

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@Wolf480pl @HerraBRE @rysiek Absolutely. If you don't defend a system's availability, then you're giving attackers veto power over your organization's use of that system.

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