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The purpose of an open-source project is making source code.

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Why the hell is web still using passwords in 2018?
SSH has been using public key auth for over two decades now...

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This is one of the reasons why I think serverside (i.e. compositor-side) window decoration is the way to go.
Dunno why the GNOME folks try to push CSD so hard.

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Oh dear, now VS Code started using those darn custom window decorations, too.

This is such a short-sighted implementation, breaking all kinds of human interface guidelines and personal settings on the desktop of my choice.

Glad you can at least turn that "feature" off: set "Window: Title Bar Style" to native.

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For the holidays, you could say thank you to some of the people who write free software you use, especially software that isn't hugely popular.

Those of us who write little-known software may go for months without hearing from a user, and it can be a little de-motivating.

Hearing from someone who actually uses one's software gives an energising jolt that can carry one through several weeks of darkness and cold and wet.

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"Conversations between people that used to be private, or semi-private, now take place on public forums where they are archived forever. Meanwhile, the kind of political messaging that used to take place in public view is now visible only to an audience of one."
― Maciej CegΕ‚owski

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Okay, this is what we’ve been waiting for. A real reason to tell people to move to Firefox and off of Chrome.

Massive, massive CVE means any malicious Web page can run code on your computer with the privilege of the browser.

Well I could probably use the executable name as cgroup name, that'd save 1 argument...

oh, have I mentioned it requires prepending _every_ _single_ command in supervisord.conf with a wrapper?
So if you had

command=service1 --some=args

now you have

command=usecg cg-for-service1 service1 --some=args

it's so maintainable....

I just whacked cgroups support onto supervisord[1] in the most hacky way.

1. is written in bash (though it may work with posix shell, haven't checked)

2. required changes in 5 different places scattered all along the way from systemd service to supervisord.conf

3. violates systemd's assumption that systemd is the only process modifying cgroup hierarchy

4. chowns cgroups

5. leaves processes in non-leaf cgroups


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postmarketOS is building their entire package repository on today

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Finding the shortest still comfortably fitting cables & wires for all devices is my new hobby.

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@Technowix @sir
Like "git is the answer to a question ages long... it existed from the beginning of the world, and many sages searched for it, but Linus was the first to find it and encode it in a C program for all of us to be enlightened"

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Did Linus invent git or did he discover it

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When you're writing code, don't forget that one of the people who might end up using it, one of the people you need to write docs for, is you. Specifically, a version of you 3-5 years from now who has no memory or idea of what you were thinking when you wrote it.

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Before I had a networking course at university, I had a rough understanding of IPv4/v6, but had trouble understanding why some things need to be in the same subnet.

Then I read IPv6 RFC. Not only have I found IPv6 to be a lot less messy and easier to understand, but it also allowed me to understand how IPv4 works by combining the idealized model of v6 with the messy hacks I knew v4 has.

So IMO learning v6 before v4 is a good idea. But N=1, your mileage may vary.

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In the basic networking course I'm co-teaching this semester, I'm doing my best to teach both IPv4 and IPv6 to roughly the same extent.

Presenting dual-stack as default.
Teach the reality you wanna live in. :D

I wonder if there's gonna be an IPv6 Christmas Tree this year.

When using make, you may be surprised that in some cases intermediate files (i.e. ones which are built from something, and then used to build something else) mysteriously disappear.

Turns out GNU make is deleting them when it thinks they won't be needed anymore. (Not sure if this is the case with other implementations of make).

You can disable this by specifying a .SECONDARY special target:

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@blakehaswell One factor to consider is that if the Australian law is considered to be "successful" then similar laws will be passed elsewhere.

Some possible tactics:

- Ensure that any backdoors which the government adds are discovered and publicized
- Work towards reproducible builds
- Encourage everyone not to trust proprietary chat apps. Assume that such apps are already backdoored
- Devise and deploy systems for monitoring the relevant open source projects. For example, a system which monitors open source chat apps and lists changes to cryptography related sections. Make code review of sensitive files trivial
- The government won't follow its own laws, and will use apps which are not backdoored. Use FOIA or anything similar to check what apps are used/purchased by officials and point out the hypocrisy
- Run cryptography workshops for your people. Make cryptography cool. Make it fashionable. Make songs and art about it. The government will prefer that people are uneducated on the topic
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