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The purpose of an open-source project is making source code.

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Why the hell is web still using passwords in 2018?
SSH has been using public key auth for over two decades now...

Ok, so there's LIBC_FATAL_STDERR_, and there's MALLOC_ARENA_MAX, what other environment variables glibc doesn't want me to know about?

Why does the damn JVM have to "reserve" 1GB of address space for class metadata even when I tell it to -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=64m

And by "reserve" I mean mmap with PROT_NONE. So basically, it creates a virtual memory mapping just to reserve a huge coherent piece of virtual memory that it knows it will never use.

And this means I can't run it with a tight RLIMIT_AS (why I need RLIMIT_AS is a whole other story).

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I miss how totalitarian tyranny enabled by cybernetic automation used to be seen as a bad thing.

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@gcb Sorry, something ate all-important quotes the first time around. Here's a correction:

% x='(PATH=2)'
% echo $((x+1))
% echo $PATH

(The original `x=(PATH=2)` without quotes doesn't actually perform any eval.)

Does it make sense now? This is indeed quite subtle.

What a wonderful day for a upgrading postgresql from 9.4 to 9.6, isn't it?

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@wxcafe @KitRedgrave @ky0ko that'd be one hell of a kickstarter reward

"exclusive control over an invalid IP of your choice"

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Nobody: "How can we place a shitload of autonomously free-roaming microphones and cameras in cities, which are under our control and can be used to track people's movement behavior and activities, then report it back to our servers, all while somehow keeping it technically legal?"

China: i got this
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Ridiculously simple idea:
Bootloader shows a colorful background which is derived from the hash of the kernel you're booting. If you get evil-maided, they would have to install a new custom firmware which fakes the same colors, and there are a number of ways to make this really difficult to reproduce...

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If you have a primary postgresql database, a hot-standby replica, and then also do periodic basebackups and WAL archiving, which postgres instance do you backup and archive the WAL from?

Sometimes I have a data structure that needs some invariant, or would greatly benefit from having one.

This means that every piece of code that accesses that structure directly needs to pay attention to preserve the invariants.

This also means that I need to inspect all the pieces of code that access the structure directly before I can assume during debugging that the invariants are preserved.

If such structure was accessed directly all over the place, in a large codebase, that'd be a nightmare, wouldn't it?

Hence, I make it so that there's few functions that access the structure directly, all in one place, all named after the structure. And that no matter how you use them, they will preserve the invariant. And then I don't modify the structure directly in the rest of the code, but use those functions.

How do you call this approach?
I call it object-oriented programming.

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@Wolf480pl in other words Updating breaks Arch.

But not Updating breaks Updating.

Has anyone made a fediverse equivalent of ?

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Moore's law walks into a bar and buys a round for the bar. Programmers immediately buy another 10,000 rounds expecting to put it on their tab. None of them have noticed that Moore's law left the bar a while ago.

Batteries for hardware RAID controllers are the worst... and they're not hot-swappable.

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@billstclair @sir try building OpenBSD xorg from source on an 800Mhz 128M PowerlessPC machine
Most of a week.

Why do some people offer to sell obscure KVM switches without cables? Who in their right mind would buy such a thing?

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