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1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Understand what's so hard about making wheels
3. Observe how a round wheel someone invented a while ago performs better than your square one.
4. Appreciate the brilliant and simple solutions to all wheel design issues that a round wheel implements.
5. Throw away your square wheel.

1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Push it to production

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The purpose of an open-source project is making source code.

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the proposition that android/google are the "best placed" to deal with push notifications is pure wank

the cold hard technical truth is just that the platform artificially limits the ability for non-privileged apps to do it. It's nothing special about android or GCM/firebase, it's purely a limitation caused by developers abusing push notifications which causes battery drain, which android got blamed for.
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I discovered something this week: when I get enough sleep I don't need coffee in the morning.
Amazing, isn't it? :thaenkin:

When resolving a git merge conflict, I open the conflicting files in an editor, and search for "===". Wherever it appears, that's where things went wrong.

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"To do good work you need a brain that can go anywhere. And you especially need a brain that's in the habit of going where it's not supposed to."
- #PaulGraham, 'What You Can't Say'

This is both a textbook description of people like #RichardStallman, and an explanation for his current status as heretic and pariah.

Why do some people like to overcommit so much? Why do they promise things they don't know they can do? Why not first make things, and only promise them after they're done?

Keep in mind the original author had no control ober the final shape of the commit, and shouldn't be seen as responsible for it by whoever runs git blame in the future

So, when someone sends you a half-good patch, and you decide to rework the other half on your own, how do you attribute the commit? Of course you'd be the committer, but who'd be the author? Would there be a Co-Authored-By: or some other type of trailer in the commit message?

If your makefile is just a fancy shell script that runs some commands sequentially without using make's dependency resolution, just write a shell script.

If you want to rebuild everything from scratch every time, just make your build script a shell script.

The whole point of writing a makefile is to tell make which files depend on what other files, and have it only rebuild things when necessary. Ideally, you should have one command per rule, and let make take care of your control flow.

If you want to roll your own control flow, just write a shell script.

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So i might be a little crazy, stockpiling linksys 54g wifi routers in the hopes of making a big mesh network with them all.

Deployment done. Went pretty smoothly, only 10min of downtime.

deploy before lunch?

So @314 got this nokia with a fork of FFox OS or sth... I wonder if it supports notifications.

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Got a decent desktop setup working on the Blackbird now. People said that I should be prepared for poor video performance, but even some of my higher quality stuff plays just fine. Had to recompile kernel yet again to get audio going, though.

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btw if you're interested in a (working afaik) Dell PowerVault MD1200, with 12 caddies, 2 PSUs and 2 controllers without disks let me know, I'm not going to use it. I might ask to cover a part of the delivery costs, depending on how large they'll be.
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1999: Wow, the graphics they can put into the game with the power of a 700 MB CD is amazing

2019: what do you mean i can buy a 120GB SSD and not fit a single game on it
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I wish my phone would be as hackable as my x220

Why does my phone need to be as powerful as my thinkpad x220?

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Taking recommendations for open source blob storage solutions

Aware of minio and ceph, not aware of their suitability relative to one another

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Someday I hope all of our chips were fabbed by a hardware hacker down the street

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